As Marshal Konev betrayed Zhukov in 1957

History 29/12/19 As Marshal Konev betrayed Zhukov in 1957

the Daughter of Ivan Konev recalled that Marshal the title her father had received during the great Patriotic war. Shoulder straps to senior officers then were made by hand, and this process took a lot of time. Knowing this, Georgy Zhukov, Konev sent their straps. Moreover, once Zhukov, Konev even saved lives. But Ivan Stepanovich of the efforts of colleagues is not appreciated.

Military career

the Future Marshal was born in 1897 in a village in the Kirov region. If you believe the authors of the publication “the Great Russian generals and naval commanders. Stories about faithfulness, about exploits, about glory” Alexander Ermakova and Vladimir Krasnova Ivan Konev from 12 years of age worked along with older travelers in the forest. The opportunity to make a real career opened for country boy thanks to conscription, and after the coming to power of the Bolsheviks. Giving back to the Motherland, Konev was discharged in 1918. In the same year he joined the party and was almost immediately elected County military Commissioner in the town of Nikolsk. Then the promotion went much faster.

As the ENCYCLOPAEDIA says Alexander Tarunin “Born in the Vologda region”, in 1927, after graduating from the advanced courses for higher command staff and Academy of the name Frunze, Ivan Konev commanded a regiment and then a division. The great Patriotic war Konev met in the rank of Lieutenant General and the post of commander of the 19th army, formed in the spring of 1941 from troops of the North Caucasian military district. Initially, the army Konev was sent to the South-Western front, but later transferred to the West.

Salvation is shooting

It was then, at the beginning of the war, writes in his book “the Truth about the Soviet Union. What country did we lose?” Igor Prokopenko, Georgy Zhukov and saved the life of Ivan Konev. The fact that the IOMNT 19th army was located at Smolensk and provided the defense of Moscow. However, in the Smolensk battle the Germans managed to break through the defense. Konev managed to evade captivity and brought out of the environment, the control of the army with the regiment of communication. However, for the failure of the military operation Ivan Stepanovich was threatened with execution.

For Konev Zhukov stood up. Marshal all the crook could persuade Stalin to take pity on Ivan Konev. In conversation with the leader of the Zhukov claimed that the execution of the General will do nothing, except that troops will be even more demoralized. Georgy Zhukov asked Stalin to appoint Konev as his Deputy in the distant Kalinin direction, that is, the Marshal actually took the General out on bail. Stalin agreed.

Marshall straps and “gratitude”

during the following war years Ivan Konev basically showed his best side. He defended Moscow, won the battle at Kursk, and finally spent the Korsun-Shevchenko offensive operation for which, actually, he in 1944 and was awarded the title of Marshal. That’s just the straps left Shoe. The fact that the shoulder straps to senior officers was made manually, and this process took a lot of time. As recalled, the daughter of Ivan Konev Natalia, the words of which are given in the publication “an Inconvenient truth about the capture of the Reichstag. Search, research, reconstruction” Gregory Kiselev, knowing this, and that Stalin wanted to Konev quickly tried Marshall straps, Zhukov sent him.

However, Konev kind of attitude is not appreciated. When, in 1957 Zhukov was expelled from the party, Konev sided with opponents of Georgy. Moreover, according to historian Yury Rubtsou, in the newspaper “Pravda” was published an article which asserted that Zhukov was preparing a coup. Its author was none other than Ivan Konev. According to attorney Konev Stepan Kachurka, Ivan Stepanovich was terribly sorry for his act. Proofment that could serve as a letter of apology that Konev ordered Zhukov to pass through Kachurka. However, this message no one but Kachurka, not seen.

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