As Leo Tolstoy defended Sevastopol during the Crimean war

Biography 23/02/20 Like Leo Tolstoy defended Sevastopol during the Crimean war

For an epic four-volume “War and peace” (which the author himself called “wordy rubbish”) and particularly his interpretation of the school program lost a true mystical personality of Leo Tolstoy. Who was he – a philosopher and free-thinker, or through his Messianic inspiration was apparent schizophrenia? If such person lived in medieval Europe, it would certainly be burned as a heretic, as burned in 1314 master of the knights Templar Jacques de Molay. But Leo Tolstoy was not so far from the Templars as you might think.

Leo Tolstoy – a descendant of the Crusader-Templar

the Genus of the mother of Leo Tolstoy, M. N. Wolkonsky, ascended to the Prince Yaroslav the Wise. As the founder father of the family was the Templar knight named Henri de Mons, also known as INDRIS, in 1352 arrived to Russia, hiding from the terror unleashed against the Order. After the defeat of the Order and execution of his Master’s part of the knights fled in an unknown direction, taking with her a part of the order’s treasures and important documents, which tells about the origins of Christianity. The basic version – that the fugitives fled in Scotland – remained unconfirmed.

According to the Chernihiv chronicle, came to Russia a nobleman INDRIS with two sons Lituanica and Segmentina. With them came 3 thousand squads. At baptism INDRIS was called Leontius, and sons, Konstantin and Feodor. Subsequently, the descendants of Leontius entered the service of the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily the Dark.

Another famous descendant of INDRIS is Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky.

Tolstoy – “the losers”

Primary education he received at home. His first tutor was a German Reselman, then – French of St Thomas. In 1844, Tolstoy enrolled at the faculty of Oriental languages at the Imperial University of Kazan (group Arabic language Chinato Turkish literature). Despite excellent results, the student simply did nothing and in the end were left by a freshman in the second year. Then he transferred to the faculty, but also where he studied for only two years. Young noble hated any information, imposed from outside, and learn the General program, he could not, while in self-schooling is always achieved high results. In 1847 Tolstoy left the University without passing his examinations for the degree. But the young student began to keep a diary, enthusiastic about doing this, and then it was from their personal records drew many themes for his works.

the Future writer – hero of Sevastopol war

the Elder brother of Tolstoy, Nicholas, served in the army and persuaded his brother to enter the army as cadets. The brothers got together to the Caucasus and took part in many skirmishes with the mountaineers. Leo deserved the George cross, however, generously gave in to his simple soldier, to whom this award is entitled to substantial benefits. In November 1854 the lion was transferred to Sevastopol, where for ten months he participated in the Crimean war. He commanded an artillery battery, was present at the storming of the Malakoff mound. During the active fighting has also written a biographical work “Adolescence” and the trilogy of “Sevastopol stories”, where he reflected on the harsh and unexpected ways of war. The book was successful, and willingly took the seal for the journal Sovremennik, whose editor was A. N. Nekrasov.

For participation in the defense of Sevastopol Tolstoy has received several awards, including the Order of St. Anna 4-th degree and the medal “For defense of Sevastopol”.

“Revolutionary” system of values

a Young writer was critical of the existing order of social life. He saw how unfairly distributed benefits, and tried somehow to help people.

in the year 1849 opened Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana school for crepeostrich, taught Fock Demidovich – serf. Often he conducted classes.

Leo was not dependent on anyone’s approval. He argued against Church abuses, and the rituals are called witchcraft. In the result he was excommunicated from the Church, and still fiercely condemned as a “sinner”, “blasphemer”, “the possessed” and “spiritual suicide”. However, by its actions and statements of the Russian writer was a humanist, and not in vain it is compared with Mahatma Gandhi. Of course, misconceptions Tolstoy also had, mainly due to gaps in knowledge of history, but this man was sincere in finding the right path and was always honest with yourself and with others.

There is a theory that Tolstoy was not only demanding religious reforms, he also threatened to create their own religion. He knew the basics of the teachings of Freemasonry and various sects, as well as the Talmud and the Koran. This awareness was also a reason for charges of blasphemy.

In 1889, Tolstoy wrote in his diary: “Matures in the world, a new philosophy and movement, as if I need a part — the proclamation. Exactly for this I purposely made what I am and my reputation, made the bell.” “At night heard a voice that requires debunking the misconceptions of the world. Last night the voice told me that it is time to expose the evil of the world… do Not delay and postpone. There is nothing to fear, nothing to ponder how and what to say.”

Tolstoy wrote a letter to Tsar Nicholas II, which called him brother. In the letter he demanded changes to the existing order and warned that otherwise follow the great misfortune for the country and society. Pointed out that due to religious and political persecution prisons are overcrowded, people are starving and unhappy with the government virtually all segments of the population. Prophetically quoted a phrase of king Louis XV: “After us the deluge.” Yes, in France as a result of thoughtless PRAmanagement revolution, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed by guillotine, and the country has shed rivers of blood.

“Measures of violence to oppress people, but you can’t control it.” “The only means … to give people the opportunity to Express their desires and needs … to fulfill those that will not meet the requirements of a class or classes, a majority of it.”

However, with all its moral qualities Nicholas II was too weak-willed and dependent on their environment and didn’t follow the advice of the writer, who was a visionary.

Grave without a cross

Tolstoy asked to be buried without a funeral, in a simple grave without a cross: they “buried the body so it does not stink”. The phrase the Russian writer echoes the same words of the ancient Greek sage of Demonata that the question of what disposition he will give for his burial, said: “Not busily. My burial will take care of the smell”.

On the grave of Tolstoy shortly after his death, an event took place which gave rise to a new surge of rumors about his demonic nature. Here always came the disciples, followers and admirers of the great writer – much to the chagrin of Orthodox believers, who stated that his grave became an object of religious veneration. August 28, 1911 a group of students thick laid flowers on the grave. Ten-year-old son of one of them, Biryukova, I leaned over to correct them, and suddenly gave a loud cry. The father saw with horror that the right hand of the child is entwined a large snake that bit the boy.

This case, again, was regarded as mystically-evil echo of the soul of the writer. However, the vipers often settle on the graves: there is less of touch, and, of course, protect their offspring from potential attacks.

the descendants of the writer

To the number of descendants of the writer belong to several talented and prominent contemporaries. Russia is home to Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy – a Russian presidential adviser on cultural issues. He is the organizer of the heritage of his ancestor.

Thekla Thick – a famous Russian journalist. Graduated from Moscow state University, speaks five languages.

Peter Tolstoy – as a journalist, his father and his family returned to Russia from exile in 1944.

Dmitry Tolstoy lives in Paris and owns a photo Studio. He is the author of a series of photographs devoted to Yasnaya Polyana.

Swedish branch of the Tolstoy was founded by the son of Leo Tolstoy — Lev: he was forced for health reasons to contact the Swedish doctor Westerlund. And then fell in love with his daughter Dora and married her.

Their descendants: Andrei Tolstoy, one of the most famous reindeer of Scandinavia. Victoria Tolstoy (Yes, not declining) – jazz singer, who is visiting the historic home, said: “When a few years ago I was in Moscow, visited the House-Museum of Tolstoy. Remember, I saw the portrait of a lady of the family of Tolstoy and was amazed at how this young woman from past centuries like me! When I first really felt his connection to the family Tolstoy: how much binds us together and unites at the deepest genetic level!”

Ilaria Stieler-Timon lives in Israel and teaches Italian. She is the granddaughter of the eldest daughter of Leo Tolstoy — Tatyana Sukhotina-Tolstaya.

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