First they had fought with water, then with their fists. Because two groups sprayed each other with water guns in a summer pool in Steglitz on Sunday, the police had to deploy in large numbers.

The initial fun had resulted in a heated argument and finally culminated in a brawl involving around 100 people, the police said on Monday.

The police arrived on Sunday with 13 patrol cars and part of a hundred units at the “Sommerbad am Insulaner” to calm the situation. According to initial findings, two groups of four and ten people sprayed each other with water guns in the outdoor pool in the Steglitz district around 4:25 p.m. Then an argument broke out and participants also physically attacked each other.

The situation escalated when security guards, who are common in most baths in Berlin, intervened.

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Police identified four suspects between the ages of 15 and 23. There is now a case against them for particularly serious breaches of the peace.