Alexander Kokorin: I will wait for the official position of

the Forward of Petersburg football club “Zenit” Alexander Kokorin, the collection spends with the players of “Zenit-2” acting in the championship of the PFL, shared his thoughts about his future. He confirmed that he is not going to play on loan for FC “Sochi”.

“I will Have the opportunity to go on loan and someone to prove something only when in “Zenith” I will say that I do not need, — quotes the striker channel “Zvezda”. Now I was told that I was going to the second gathering with “Zenith-2″. So when is the official position of the club, then I’ll make the decision.”

As previously reported Вести.Ru in mid-January, when Kokorin was at the gathering with “Zenith”, the representatives of “Sochi” announced about his move on loan until the end of the season. Later, some leaders of “Zenit” confirmed the lease transfer, but the player himself and his agent said that he would not go to Krasnodar Krai.