Zonnebeke is the second time in a year and a half’s time, the police and the social inspection of the houses in a certain dance hall, the Holiday Club at Geluveld. When the children were twenty or so people were arrested because they were in the possession of illegal drugs and/or weapons. The dancing, which last year, even a month, close to it, for it is now missing. “At least, until the trial is held before the court, ‘ is the mayor, Dirk Sioen is strong.

The meticulously prepared politieactie by filtration in advance, and took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Dozens of members of the local and federal police forces raided the building and into the busy roundabout and along the Menenstraat. No one was allowed in the case of leave before he or she has been checked. It took a couple of hours before the raid was over.

If it were up to me, the thing is simply never to open it. What is happening is unacceptable.

lord Mayor, Dirk Pension

“about twenty people have been arrested,” says lord mayor Dirk and Pension (#Team-8980). In contrast to previous years, this time the action is present. “The arrests came in that way. The persons in question, were drugs and/or weapons, such as knives, etc. Also last year, that was the case.”