The Berlin AfD parliamentary group has filed a lawsuit against the establishment of the investigative committee into the right-wing extremist series of attacks in Neukölln without their participation at the state constitutional court. This was confirmed by the parliamentary group leader Kristin Brinker. A spokesman said on Wednesday that the House of Representatives had already commented on the court. “The process is ongoing.”

When voting on the appointment of the investigative committee on the Thursday before last, there was no majority for the AfD candidate Antonin Brousek and his deputy Karsten Woldeit. The FDP voted unanimously against the AfD candidates. The SPD, the Greens, the Left and the CDU largely abstained, although the Left and the Greens each voted against.

At the plenary session next Thursday, the AfD candidates will be voted on again. The Berlin Committee of Inquiry Act states that the parliamentary groups would be involved according to the number of members, with each parliamentary group having to be represented by at least one member. The AfD relies on this.