A terrible revenge the Germans for the destruction of Kiev in September 1941

History 03/02/20 Terrible revenge on the Germans for the destruction of Kiev in September 1941

the name of the tract Babi Yar became a symbol of Nazi cruelty against the civilian population of the USSR. However, when it comes about the mass execution of Kiev Jews, often forget that it is a crime of the Germans was in retaliation for the unprecedented scale of Soviet sabotage.

Kreschatyk fire

the Germans entered the capital of Ukraine on September 19, 1941, and occupied the best part of the city — Khreshchatyk. The commandant was housed in the “Children’s world”, the military headquarters in hotel “Kontinental”, and “doctor’s House” became “House of German officers.” It is for these objects was dealt a crushing blow.

“It was September 24, in the fourth hour of the day. The house of the German commandant c “Children’s world on the first floor exploded. Explosion was such force that the glass flew not only on the Kreshchatik, but on parallel streets Pushkin and Mehring. Glass fell from the building on the heads of the Germans and passers-by, and many were immediately wounded”, — told in “the novel-the document” Anatoly Kuznetsov “Babi Yar.”

When the Nazis had dismantled the rubble, in the ruins of the commandant there was a second explosion. The third explosion destroyed the house across the street, which also houses the German companies. But this was not all. Explosions on the Khreshchatyk and adjacent streets continued to rattle all night, killing the Germans and locals. Autumn of 1941 was dry, so after the explosions started a fire that engulfed the “Kontinental” hotel and other buildings. Water for quenching was not, and 4 days burnt out almost the whole downtown.

the Germans quickly figured out that worked the mines on the radio. However, it was difficult to predict when the explosion will come to an end.

“Nobody knows, said to me in the commandant’s office, where else laid in Kiev, explosive devices, waiting, so to speak, in the wings. Consequently, it is necessary to always be alert. Though the most careful precautionary measures in the air and then off of the building, which housed German companies,” recalled the scout Gerhard Kegel, who was in Kiev during those terrible days.

All was destroyed 940 buildings. According to the documents of the occupants, the fire spread on an area of 200 thousand square meters. Housing lost 50 thousand people of Kiev.


Historians have not yet come to a conclusion about who staged bombings in the historical part of Kiev. According to one version, mines the city was laid by the retreating army units. On the other, to the incident was involved in acting in Kiev sabotage unit of the NKVD, in particular, the group “maxima” — chekist Ivan Curls and a group of Lieutenant of state security Kartashov — ”Kovalenko”.

But the Germans, in full accordance with Nazi ideology, declared guilty of sabotage Kiev Jews, who formed, according to the 1939 census, a quarter of the population of the Ukrainian capital.

“When did the explosions and fires, which caused the death of a large number of German soldiers and officers, commandant major-General Kurt Eberhard and General Hans von Obstfelder (commander of the 29th army corps) demanded from DM in retaliation to shoot all the Jews of the city,” — said researcher Alexander Kruglov.

Occupiers ordered Jews of Kiev and its environs to gather in the area of Babi Yar, spreading rumors that supposedly prepares resettlement. But instead of transport they waited for the giant grave. Only 2 days, the Nazis destroyed over 34 thousand people. The executions continued, and when the explosions in Kiev has long ceased. According to some estimates, at Babi Yar found the death of 150 thousand Jews.

How to treat the opinion of those who believe that the Red Army and the NKVD are almost complicit in the mass murder of Kiev Jews? This version, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, adhere to some Ukrainian writers, for example, a leading TV channel “Direct” Mykola Veresen. Aside from the obviousth argument that the Germans captured the city and forced the Red Army to mine the building, should take into account that the Jewish population was not regarded by Soviet commanders as hostages, as the extent of Hitler’s “final solution of the Jewish question” were not yet known. In addition, as shown by the history of the occupation, the Germans in any case was aimed at the extermination of the Jews. So the passivity of the Soviet forces could at best only delay a tragedy, but not to prevent it.

Timur Sagdiyev

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