New large-scale project of the Tretyakov gallery in Krymsky Val opens the exhibition “Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov still”. For the first time in one space will be presented paintings and drawings more than a dozen well-known artists. To immerse guests in the sights, used a stage set and multimedia technology.

the final touches — alignment information plates, removal of the protective film of the paintings and the light setting. The exhibition, which was prepared two years from idea to implementation: “a Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov’s still” ready to receive guests.

to go Left or right, and maybe even right to make a choice, in the same way as vasnetsovskoe “the knight at the crossroads”, to every visitor. But the loss no there certainly will not be. As there is no developed route — every guest looking for the way of immersion in the tale.

– Where are we going?
– We are now go directly.

And end up in a forest Kingdom. White space, mirrors, and in the center is the main pearl of the exhibition: painting by Victor Vasnetsov “Ivan Tsarevich on the grey wolf”. The painting was first exhibited outside the walls of the Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky lane. Texture — forest — was created by students of the VGIK. This fully interactive art object, if you look into the hollow.

“I realized that we do for children — physically small people, and on the other hand, I realized that we do this show for children who live in the us. We all remember this memory, she persists,” says the architect, co-curator of the exhibition Alexey Tregubov.

this is already underwater Kingdom. Splashing waves — is the work entitled “Blue soup”. Well, what Russian fairy tale without fish? Wishing — of course, three is welcome.

Surprisingly good neighborhood: for the first time in the Museum, which became the area of experiment created a space where dialogue takes place between classical and modern works.

“This traditional, loved by us since childhood, the image of the Princess frog is present at the exhibition, and we can also show it for the youngest. And the neighbors is a modern art: it’s just Andrew lion when the Prince meets a magical frog, familiar to us all epic fairy way, but at the same time in a totally modern twist,” says co — curator of the exhibition Ivan Antonov.

Especially for young viewers — low suspension works. And unexpected discoveries.

“Try to sit down. Here you are — a child. What do you see? Skull? Death? And when we see it in the pictures, we didn’t see that this is a women’s Shoe. But surprisingly it fits very well into the image of Koschei,” says the co — curator of the exhibition Nikita Petrov.

live Here Baba Yaga, Zmey Gorynych, and, of course, the wizard and his death. To touch the needle in the underworld. There is generally a lot of things you can touch. And the unexpected: in the centre of the exhibition is a huge bear.

– We sit with you on the bear in the center of the Tretyakov gallery, we can pet him even. What is it?

“This is our main character section of the “Magic forest”, where we are located. This project designed by an amazing artist and set designer Maria Tregubova. And really, you can hug, you can stroke, but its main function is to sit on it,” — said the exhibition curator Tatiana Getman.

the Uniqueness of the project allows the visitor to explore the fantastic world of Russian fairy tales. And anyone will be able to get to it until may 10.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”