New jersey is On the Grootzand, in Grembergen, the police in new jersey Tuesday morning, the lifeless body of the Greta D. (70) found in her bed. The woman lives with her 49-year-old boy, who was locked up, but it’s not certain if he has something to do with the facts. An autopsy must be Wednesday to bring more clarity.

Greta D. was a Tuesday morning around 10 am was found dead in her bed. The 70-year-old woman had been confined to bed, and it would also be tired of life – > we had that day. The woman had a large bruise in her face, which makes me think that it is a suspicious death it is. If it is effective for a period is not until Wednesday, obviously, after an autopsy on the body.

the Son was arrested

The 49-year-old son, who was in the woman’s hand was taken by the police and arrested. However, it is not yet known whether he has anything to do with the death of his mother. The man would be in a state of shock here. According to the locals, there were already problems in the home. “The son, who was mentally limited, which can sometimes be trouble,” said one local resident.