Hasselt is In a Sheltered HOGEVIJF a campus Park on Wednesday, a butterfly garden with over a hundred of colorful instances to be opened. “It’s a unique project, which is in about a month, it will take a while, it will be filling the homely atmosphere for the residents,” according to vessels in the Groin, Jake’s (S-VA).

The company Groencreaties Coppin published a long time ago, in a custom cabinet with a hundred puppets, and exotic animals and plants in the multi-purpose room on the first floor, where you can enjoy the activities of the campus. In less than two weeks of growing that into full-fledged butterflies, native to South Africa, and the Asia pacific. In order to capture the butterflies with a safe and secure home and to meet all of their needs, the staff of the HOGEVIJF have worked closely together in order to build up a full-fledged home for the animals. They did this by planting to provide sufficient nectar for the butterflies to feed on.

“and The residents were able to have all of the steps of the process to follow. The layout of the garden, to the provision of the figures. And now, with the butterflies and take care of that. To take part in the care of the animals, to get the people to feel to make a contribution, and they are also in a meaningful manner,” adds the ships, Jan in. “The only pity is that the complexity of life, but two weeks to live”, sounds like it is from some of the locals.