History 10/01/20 “Woman-Hercules”, who was the most powerful Russian woman

Once, during a circus tour of the Ukrainian provinces of the famous strongman Ivan Poddubny stopped for the night in the city of Nikopol, in the hotel, owned by a certain Madame Yushkova. There he found a real nugget, to pass which could not. Pretty girl 12 years old, blond, blue-eyed, with a round ruddy face, amused, ran to the yard-built circus equipment and it was easy to throw pood weights. The girl called Agatha Enviable. This name, thanks to the efforts of Poddubny, very soon had to learn all over the country.

the Most powerful of Russian beauties

Agatha Rodionovna Enviable was born in 1890 into a poor family, barely let ends meet. Although Agatha was the first and quite a late child, the mother was 30, my father was 60, after her family were born 13 children, of whom survived, however, only four of them. From childhood the girl had developed over the years. Already at the age of 12 Agafya easily gave 17, due to high growth and a developed figure. To feed, the family gave an Enviable 12-year-old girl in the service of the owner of the local hotel, Yushkova, thus seemed well to arrange its fate. The new maid to the mistress very much. The girl was careful, the Executive, and everything else, soon opened and one of her most valuable talent is his exceptional strength. Madame Yushkova never had to hire movers, agile Agafya she dragged the heavy furniture of solid wood. But to enjoy such superomedia Yushkova had a chance for long.

the Proposal soon from Ivan Poddubny, first cast the parents of Agatha in shock – whether the case heard, to give his own daughter in tsirkachka! However, the promise of big money and fame has done its job.

For 18 years, rapidly ascended to the circus sky a new star, Agafya An already excellentsludge on the physical parameters of his mentor, reaching a growth of 190 cm and weight of 150 kg. Being extremely capable learner, strongwomen mastered all the circus that Ivan Poddubny was struck by the imagination of the audience. She easily tore the iron chains and unbent a horseshoe, tied in a knot steel rods, juggled heavy weights, lifted with his teeth a chair with sitting on it assistant, offered to all who wish to hit the hammer on the anvil, which she laid on his chest. Especially popular with the audience enjoyed the room, during which Agatha Enviable danced with long rails on their shoulders, on both sides of which sat eight men. After the presentation of the entertainer of the circus from the face of Agafia was challenged all the men in the audience wishing to test their physical strength and compete with the “woman-Hercules”. Otvarivanie on this fight then rarely could stand up for himself.

Fortuna turns

a Turning point in the fate of the famous tsirkachka began to quarrel with Ivan Poddubny, after which Agatha decided to leave the company and build a career independently. What was the reason for the break remained unclear. We only know that for Poddubny this gap was a heavy blow, and he took steps towards reconciliation. However, spoiled fame and money strongwomen didn’t look back. Accustomed to the fact that she was in the arena showered handfuls of gold coins, behind the scenes and expect expensive gifts from fans, she decided to make an international career, having asked permission to freely travel abroad Nikolai II, who admired her remarkable talent.

However, success began touring Germany snapped came in the Russian revolution. The audience instantly lost their interest in circus entertainment, and now, thinking about other things. Not having more money to pursue expensive foreign tour, Agatha Enviable was forced to return to his native Nikopol. There she compAvila modest circus troupe with his younger brother mark, and they already began to travel the surrounding towns and villages, where instead of gold and expensive gifts with the artists were paid with wheat and other products.

Finally, the cross at the circus career of silacci put injuries. As it happened, again, precisely known. Some write that the Agatha stabbed with a sword drunk Makhnovists, others say about the gunshot wound received from one of the spectators during the performance, others talk about the angry fan-the militiaman has received from like a slap in the face for blatant harassment and responding to her revolver bullet. Anyway, from the received wounds the strong never recovered, and having no more opportunities to earn your favorite profession, died in poverty in 1935.

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