As the Nazis fled from the Russian

History 10/01/20 As “Krauts” were saved from the Russian “General frost”

the Nazi command closely followed the developments of the Soviet-Finnish war, also called “Winter”. Were collected good data on the actions of the troops in the harsh winter. But attacking the Soviet Union, the Nazi leadership blindly believed in blitzkrieg, which provided that the red army would be defeated not later than early autumn, and cold, the Wehrmacht will meet in winter quarters.

Collection Hugo Boss “autumn-winter 1941”

In the archives of German radio kept records of conversations of Hitler with Mannerheim, in which the führer recognized that the army for the winter, not even cooked, technique and never thought to try it in winter conditions.

the Arrogance of command came at a cost to soldiers and officers of Wehrmacht. They were dressed in stylish shape, sewn in the factories of Hugo Boss, but the outfit was not designed for cold weather. For insulation used vests, pants, warm mittens, ear-muffs – no caps, no coat, and boots, caused the Wehrmacht’s surprise and admiration, but before the end of the war never entered the clothing allowance of Nazi troops. All this insulation was designed for the conditions of the European winters with minus 10-15 degrees are a nightmare and a disaster. Lacked even uniform – in the 3rd army were given one coat on four soldiers.

Frost in 1941 he hit early in early November and the temperature quickly dropped to minus 40 degrees. General Heinz Guderian wrote in his memoirs that the cold reached minus 50. The Wehrmacht was urgently to be warmed. That’s how it was.

“Put your van in the cold”

the Wehrmacht deployed against the population of the occupied territories real cold terror: families kicked out of housing, even despite the presence of young children. In order not to allow the Germans to sit in the heat Rate released 17 November 1941 VGK Order No. 428, ordered “to destroy and burn down all the settlements in tylu German troops at a distance of 40-60 km in depth from the front edge and 20-30 km to the right and left of the road”. That is fulfilling the order, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was captured by the Nazis and adopted a heroic death.

the soldiers of the Wehrmacht did not hesitate to looting, reeling in any fabric and wearing things that will keep heat in, not hesitating even to tear the scarves from the heads of women – only to be warmed.

Turned a cottage industry “shoes” of bark and other scrap materials.

Iron stoves, hot food, alcohol

Despite the fact that it was a violation of the Charter, the soldiers of the Wehrmacht began to build a homemade iron stoves for installation in mud huts and dugouts. A single design was not – everyone got out as best they could.

Command is trying to provide the troops with hot meals and fresh hot bread, several times a day. Widely used field kitchens and bakeries. This writes the British military historian Robert Kershaw in his book “1941 the eyes of the Germans”. He also cites the adage that it is better to go through three French campaign than one Russian.

the Command was allowed to bask in strong alcohol, but if a soldier caught drunk, he waited for the brig. It was not there without pads, for example, to freeze the 4th army, 19 November 1941, arrived in carriages chunks of red ice and broken glass – command decided to send soldiers of French wine. The then chief of army staff General Blumentritt recalled: “I had never before seen soldiers in such a rage.”

Endlessly fires were burning in the trenches. The fire burned all that could burn and somehow warm. That open flame unmasks position — not paying attention – the death from the cold was far worse than fire, when fire still had a chance to survive.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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