With tonsillitis and other ENT diseases done: the power light will eliminate infection, viruses and fungi

Persistent sore throat, discomfort and pain in the throat, otkashlyalsya traffic, bad breath is a common problem for people of any age, status and occupation, can significantly spoil life. And it is called “chronic tonsillitis”.

Radical decisions for her for a long time was not permanent unpleasant and sometimes traumatic lavage apparatus that in civilized countries of Europe and the United States do not even use as the inhumane method of treatment or surgery to remove the tonsils — the choice is not pleasant. And fortunately, it is in the past.

With the discovery of photodynamic therapy (light treatment laser energy of a certain spectrum and wavelength) patients can avoid the unpleasant and painful procedures and it is not necessary to part with the tonsils, a very valuable body immune system.

— the Tonsils are involved in the formation of an immune response when injected into the body of pathogens of various infections. Normally, when you get an infection in the tonsils recognizes cells of the immune system and give reaction to the infectious agent, says otolaryngologist, surgeon, one of the leading specialists “of the Clinic Pasman” Sergey Polyakov. — If lymphoid tissue is not time or is unable to neutralize the “enemy”, there is inflammation of the tonsils — angina. Chronic inflammation or chronic tonsillitis usually occurs as a result of tonsillitis, when the tissues of the tonsils remains sluggish inflammatory process.

With the help of photodynamic therapy (PDT) removed foci of infection caseous mass: on the eve of food eaten and liquids that fall into the gaps of the tonsils, caseous stones, consiliarii stones. All of this — a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms including pathogens that produce toxins constantly.

— light Treatment is painless and selective, says Dr. Poles. Healthy cells this influence is not poverhauls. Thus, the PDT allows the laser to destroy the diseased cells and inflamed areas, including bacteria, viruses and fungi without causing harm to healthy tissues. Where got tonzilor, will easily penetrate the light photodynamic therapy. Of discomfort the patient is experiencing, the burn is eliminated. There is only a slight tickle — the feeling after a spicy or peppery food.

How long the effect lasts and how many treatments are required?

Maximum is required two-three (in advanced cases) procedure, basically need one or two with an interval of three to five days.

Treatment can be performed up to three times a year, depending on the severity of the disease. But, as a rule, the effect of treatment lasts for two to three years. And someone exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis do not bother for a long time.

to Overstate the importance of this treatment is difficult, because chronic tonsillitis is a constant source of infection with periodic exacerbations in the tonsils, which daily has a toxic effect on the body, is often the factor to aggravate other current diseases and is a source of diseases such as chronic pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, heart diseases and joints.

Often, tonsillitis can manifest in the form of a rash on his body — everyone is searching for the problem anywhere and does not connect it with what he has tonsils so run that turned into a collection of infections, immunity fails and the whole body suffers.

And chronic tonsillitis pregnant is often a source of fetal infection.

PDT has a beneficial effect on systemic immunity of the tonsils are treated, it becomes more aggressive to the action of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and fungi. In the future, when faced with viral infections, people can get sick, but in a much milder form than before: maybe a little tickle in the throat, but the immune system is restored and the body quickly overcomes the infection.

photodynamic therapy has a good effect on the overall immunity of the body.

This is a modern treatment not only of chronic tonsillitis, and chronic sinusitis, adenoiditis, and other diseases associated with inflammation of the ear, nose and throat. And also a great way to prevent colds in the offseason and the period of morbidity for adults and children.

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