While the gyms are closed: the clinic announced a 50% discount on the procedure to prepare the body for summer

the Spring many of the city’s residents spent at home: someone was the weekend, and someone switched on udalenku. Less traffic, more cookies, and here imperceptibly the extra pounds firmly stuck to the waist and thighs. In social networks there are a lot of pictures about how recovered people in isolation. But admit it, if you laugh, when you see the chat another meme about the fact that during a pandemic a person eats like Panda, 12 hours a day?

So how to part with excess weight, because gyms and pools are closed? Good yield, health, and aesthetic treatments on the Italian machine vacuum roller massage generated by icoone. Especially in the clinic of cosmetology “Altika” in June there are discounts of 50% for the first procedure and 20% in course of five treatments, if they are acquired immediately.*