Why the Germans were so afraid of melee battles with the Soviet Marines

History 16/01/20 Why the Germans were so afraid of melee battles with the Soviet Marines

Evgeny Abramov in his book “the Black death” writes about Soviet sailors who participated in the great Patriotic war: “the Germans dubbed them “black devils” and “black death”. Their battle cry “stand from under!” terrified the enemy. They were not equal in melee”. However, in the German sources, the term almost does not occur. But the fact that the Nazis were afraid of going boldly to the guns of the sailors — a fact!

the history of the origin of the name

There are several versions of the origin of the term “black death”. Apparently he appeared at the beginning of the war, when sailors are actively used for “plugging holes” on the fronts. Of course, the specialized formation of Marines and sailors dismounted and took part in military actions throughout the war, but afterwards they were dressed in hazmat uniforms. Therefore, the “black death” is a term of the initial period of war.

In his diaries, Guderian, and Manstein repeatedly mentions the heroism of Soviet sailors. But write also about their less than perfect skills of warfare on land. Dressed in black, the men with the inevitability of an avalanche attacked the German gun emplacements and killed hundreds by machine-gun fire. According to one version that is remaining after the attack the mountain of corpses in a black uniform was the reason for the name. “As if the black death passed,” said German officers, comparing the consequences of the insane attacks of the Soviet sailors from the effects of the plague.

Marines in action

of Course, over time sailors “were amoebiasis”, acquired the skills of warfare on land, has become a truly dangerous opponent. Moreover, in the mass, it was a tall physically fit young people, to cope with which hand to hand was very difficult. How to remember the German soldiers, when on the battlefield pronsilos not already familiar “Hurrah!” or “For Stalin!”, and jerky and Russian Mat “look out!” is meant to attack sailors, which means that the battle will be hot.

the Nazis feared not only the sailors, but also weapons that they used. As the dismounted from the ships sailors were often armed by a residual principle, many of them got trehlineyki with tetrahedral needle bayonet, which was also called “Russian”. In contrast to the more modern bayonet-knife “tetrahedron” left terrible lacerations accompanied by profuse bleeding. Has survived them a few. After the First World war a bayonet even wanted to ban, but further conversations business is not has gone.

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