Rulers what countries are best guarded in the Second World

History 16/01/20 Rulers what countries are best guarded in the Second World

it is Clear that at all times the most protected people in the world were monarchs, presidents, Prime Ministers and other senior personalities. Was no exception and the Second World war. If you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Behind whose back the President is hiding?”, in 1943, the best protection for the American magazine LIFE, had Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

Franklin Roosevelt

according to Mykola Yakovlev, the author of the book “Unknown Roosevelt. Need a new course!”, The 32nd President of the United States of America were absolutely indifferent to their own safety. Franklin Roosevelt loved to ride in the car with an open top, and if somebody told the President that it is unsafe, he always replied: “If someone wants to kill me, there is absolutely no way to prevent it, except to prevent a second shot.” And it provided that before his inauguration, Roosevelt almost died. Leonid Mlechin’s book, “the Besieged fortress. The untold story of the first cold war” recalls the assassination of the President on 13 February 1933. A bullet fired from a pistol bricklayer Giuseppe Zangara, landed in a few people. Roosevelt was unharmed.

Despite the fact that Franklin Roosevelt this case, apparently not too scared during the Second World war, measures for enhanced protection of the head of state was still accepted. By the way, Hitler called Roosevelt “one of the main enemies of civilization,” and for the murder of the American leader, the Germans offered a million Reichsmarks. So it was then, according to Ronald Kessler, the author of the edition “Secrets of the Secret service guards the President of the United States”, was first closed free access to the White house. By the end of the military conflict the number of agents whose responsibilities included the security of the President, increased to 37. And in 1942 the Roosevelt appeared an armored car. It is noteworthy that this car once belonged to the famous gangster al Capone.

Joseph Stalin

However, Fedor Razzakov wrote that Roosevelt moved into an armored car much later Churchill and Stalin. As the authors of the book “Stalin. A great book about it”, in the period from 1919 to 1947, the Soviet leader moved exclusively on foreign cars. Especially Stalin respected “Packard” for design and excellent armor. It is not surprising that the first Russian armored car “ZIS-110Э” was outwardly similar to Nouring Packard 8 Sedan. Did not disdain Stalin and vest. At least, this fact is mentioned in his book “the sensitive sites of Stalin. The tour classified as “secret”, Andrey Artamonov. According to Artamonov, concealed vest Mehler was secretly ordered by Stalin in 1929.

in addition, Artamonov and describes the system-house alarm system, which was equipped dachas No 8. Every door in the country was supplied from the bottom metal plate. If the door is opened, the security can lit some light bulb. Thanks to this, the bodyguards always knew about where in the moment is their “ward.” Generally, as wrote Alexander Orlov in his book “the real Stalin. The memoirs of General of the NKVD”, during the celebrations in red square, the leader always appeared exclusively surrounded by plenty of bodyguards from the NKVD. Orlov also claimed that on the way machines of Stalin from the Kremlin to the country house were evicted more than a half of inhabitants of neighboring houses. The clock on the road on duty about 1200 security guards.

Winston Churchill

the Prime Minister lack the bodyguards weren’t. In particular, Vladimir Trukhanovskiy, in his book “Winston Churchill” writes that Churchill used the services of an inspector at Scotland Yard Thompson, who, in fact, became his personal guard. Yes, and for external protection Winston Churchill resorted to the help of the London police. However, the armored car of the Soviet elite of the British Prime Minister was downright delighted. At least, so says the author of “Spare capital”, Andrey Pavlov. Having arrived on a visit to Moscow in 1942, Churchill was in the car and found that the thickness of the glass was “more than 2 inches”. “It surpassed all known records,” — later recalled Churchill.

by the Way, on that trip, Churchill did not change his care. According to Andrey Pavlov in the Soviet Union, a British politician flew in a roundabout way: through Egypt, Iran and Iraq. And no wonder: the fact that Churchill was also something to fear. If you believe Oleg Plenkov, author of the book “the Third Reich. Socialism Hitler”, Churchill hated Hitler, and the latter answered him the same. So, in obedience to the orders of the führer, Goebbels pointed out in the instructions to the German press that the media should not be corrosive to all British, but only in relation to Churchill and his entourage.

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