Why the Chinese had not forgiven Khrushchev debunking the cult of Stalin

History 25/01/20 Why the Chinese had not forgiven Khrushchev’s debunking of the Stalin cult

the Rift in the Communist world happened in 1953 after Stalin’s death, before the Soviet Union is firmly United country red camp. Theoretically, after 1953, from the main ideas of communism, no one in the USSR had not refused, and the country continued to build a new society, but changed a few things.

With the 1920s, the dominant ideology in the USSR was Marxism-Leninism, and later to this were added and Stalinism. The country, which the Soviet Union helped to build the socialist regimes and to strengthen the Communist party, took over the ideology and the Stalinist style of government. Stalin declared a friend and role model of the Communist leader. Among these countries was China, and Albania.

For their leaders (Mao Zedong and Enver Hoxha) exposure of Stalinism in the USSR from 1956 (at the famous twentieth Congress of the CPSU) were the problem. First, from an ideological point of view taken by the Khrushchev policy of “peaceful coexistence” with the capitalist countries disagreed with their foreign policy. Because for many years it was built on the idea of “Lenin’s sword”! Secondly, this course was contrary to the Marxist ideas of world revolution, according to which it is impossible to build communism in a single country, the revolution must be planetary to become successful. In addition, the denunciation of Stalin as a criminal questioned the reputation and authority of Mao and Hoxha — associates of Stalin.

an Ardent Stalinist Hoxha could not accept the criticism of the cult of personality and feared that his own party will be the same to criticize him. Albanians were not satisfied and that Khrushchev reconciled with their enemy Tito, leader of Yugoslavia.

All this prompted China and Albania to determine policy.With. Khrushchev as a “revisionist”, essentially treacherous. And declare themselves antirevisionist protecting genuine basic ideas of communism. The Albanian and Chinese press attacked and stigmatized “revisionist renegade” Khrushchev, and their versions of socialism called perfect.

In later years he dismissed rumors that Khrushchev and his supporters killed by Stalin and made a “Palace coup” (by the way, Stalin’s son, Vasily, too, thought so). In the Albanian capital Tirana was built the Museum of Lenin and Stalin. While the Chinese Harbin so far has been in Stalin Park. Is named after him avenues and streets. The Albanians and the Chinese even asked the Soviet Union to give them the body of Stalin to the careful to store it.

So split the Communist camp. Not saved from quarrels and the fact that the USSR for many years has helped China and Albania credits, goods, technologies and specialists – all this was forgotten… Another charge, which finally threw the Advice of the Chinese in the “socialist imperialism” (expressed above all in the desire to control allies). In addition, Mao believed part of the Soviet territory in the far East native Chinese. The conflict with China became particularly acute in the 1960s and ended armed conflict on the island Damanskiy in 1969 (killing 58 of the Soviet troops). USSR, China and Albania stood on the brink of war.

Mao had worked on one task – he wanted to make China ideologically independent from the Soviet Union and claimed to be the world’s ideological leadership among the Communists. The scope of cooperation and trade between China and the Soviet Union began to decline rapidly.

the Tension between the Soviet Union and China persisted until the death of Brezhnev, and normal relations with Albania and has not adjusted. In 1962 the restoration of interrupted diplomatic relations between the Albanians called override the decisions of the XX and XXII congresses of the CPSU, “the falsifying activity of tov. Stalin.” Moscow, of course, it could not go.

But if in Albania, the cult of Stalin ended along with communism, in China, the situation was not so clear. Stalin is still revered. In March 2018, the head of the CCP XI Jinping said: “I Believe that for true communicationists I. V. Stalin on the significance of his work and personality is not less than V. I. Lenin. And the percentage of correct decisions he does has no equal in history.” Khrushchev still considered by the Chinese revisionist who brought down the USSR with the correct path to communism.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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