Stolen Germany than the Soviet Union had surprised the Germans

History 25/01/20 Than stolen Germany the Soviet Union had surprised the Germans

“Ostarbeiters”, who forcibly taken to Germany as slaves, were faced with an alien civilization, much of what they had to meet, they had never before seen. The Germans, in turn, could not understand this wild Russian, who often still grumbled about his status.

do Not obey like cattle

the Inhabitants of Nazi Germany, according to the surviving documents, often really do not understand why Russian are non-Executive. In a letter found in the murdered chief corporal Rudolf Lammermaier, his mother told the son that some Russian worker, caring for pigs, hanged himself, unable to bear the beatings Frau. Madam was genuinely puzzled why the owner of the pigsty so pissed about the act of the Russian – “after all, at a reasonable price, you can buy another worker”.

… but was very able-bodied

According to the report, unnamed “ministerialdirektor of Mansfeld” (in the Central state archive of the October revolution of the USSR the data in the translated document does not mention), Russian workers, in his opinion, working at a pace that no German worker can not survive (report dated February, 1942). With typical German frugality and practicality ministerialdirektor insisted on increase of rations Russian – to ensure their performance.

This is not the only document of Nazi Germany, where confirmed the inhuman conditions of detention and the protection of Soviet citizens deported to this country as slaves – treat them like cattle was in the order of things and the civil population and soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Moreover, it was declared many of Hitler’s orders, directives, and other documents.

Not like the victims of Bolshevism

the Germans were surprised thatat that Ostarbeiters did not correspond to their ideas – the Germans expected to see the weary Bolshevik regime people are slaughtered and accustomed to submissive obedience. For example, the occupants were struck by the “good fatness” and religious civilians sent to Germany.

the Germans were convinced that the Soviet Union destroyed all the churches and belonging to a particular religion severely persecuted. According to German reports, the Ostarbeiters, even in Germany, using the slightest opportunity, he attended the local Orthodox churches, or organized prayers in their barracks.

the Ingenuity of the Soviet people also had amazed the Germans – for example, the Director of one of the Silesian lapradelle wrote that Russian is much smarter than the Germans when dealing with the details of the production process – they are much faster versed in the technical nuances and delved into the details. Often the Germans were puzzled about options and ways of doing Ostarbeiter particular work – the Russians used such methods to achieve faster and more effective result that their “owners” never came.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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