Why the brother of Raisa Gorbacheva was the cause of

History 19/01/20 Why the brother of Raisa Gorbacheva was the cause of “the dry law”

According to one version, the brother of first lady of the Soviet Union was indeed one of the reasons the anti-alcohol campaign launched by Mikhail Gorbachev. At least some modern researchers believe that Raisa pushed her husband to this decision.

Drunken writer

a Long time, Evgeny Titarenko, the brother of Raisa Gorbacheva, was a kind of family secret that everyone Gorbachev and Titarenko carefully concealed. However, calling Primakov a classic alcoholic-loser in the usual sense of the word still impossible. Even before Mikhail Gorbachev took the helm of the country, before Titarenko was opened many doors. According to Anatoly Tereshchenko in the book “Bell alarms”, at one time brother-in-law Gorbachev successfully graduated from the literary Institute named after Gorky, where he studied with the famous Leo Kassil.

After high school Titarenko distribution went to Voronezh. For several years he served as editor of the Central black earth book publishers. The first work Primakov, who received fairly high critical acclaim, was the story “Discoveries, wars, wanderings Admiral Generalissimo and his chief of staff, on water, on earth and under the earth.” Subsequently Titarenko wrote a few books. However, according to Nikolay Zenkovich, the author of the publication “The secret family”, the writer ruined the alcohol.

the Room in the mental hospital

According to Zenkovich, gradually Evgeny Titarenko dropped so much that drank all the furniture from his apartment in Voronezh. The situation worsened after the once-talented writer began to cohabit with an alcoholic, whom he met during treatment in the mental hospital in the village of Shady. If you believe the authors of the publication “the Joy of Rus. Twentieth century”, Mikhail Gorbachev once tried to reason with brother wife and even arranged it for treatment in various institutions. But all was in vain. Especially since he Titarenko always weary of their relationship with the General Secretary.

In the end, in 1985 Titarenko once again appeared in a psychiatric clinic. According to Andrey Karaulov, the author of the book “Russian hell”, its “put” there by myself, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the next day after his election to the post of General Secretary. Karaulov believes that such a thing Gorbachev was due to fears of Raisa Maximovna. The first lady feared that one day journalists will choose the moment when her brother is lying near any of the Voronezh beer in an unfavorable light.

the cause of the fight against alcoholism?

There is speculation that the famous anti-alcohol campaign launched by Mikhail Gorbachev, — also the handiwork of Raisa. At least Alexander Nikishin in his book “Secrets of Russian vodka” refers to the people’s version of what the first lady, who was unable to cure his brother from alcoholism, advised her husband to introduce a “dry law”. Some dates in the history of the struggle with alcoholism Gorbachev also indicate Titarenko: just after 2 months after putting Primakov in a dispensary in the light of the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On strengthening the struggle with drunkenness and alcoholism, the elimination of brewing”.

meanwhile, according to the author of the book “Gorbachev: the secret springs of power,” Oleg Davydov, who also believes Evgeny Titarenko unwilling to blame the struggle for a sober way of life, his brother-in-law Mikhail Gorbachev “put away” in a closed psychiatric hospital only in 1988. In favor of this version say and memoirs of writer Victor Pankratov, who argued that once Titarenko when it cursed Gorbachev a “bastard” because it was impossible anywhere to get alcohol. However, the relationship between prohibition and addiction Primakov observed here, because in 1988 a Titanic struggle with PYAstvom in the country ended.

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