Attack the city: how a Soviet submarine torpedoed the battleship

History 19/01/20 Attack Lunin: how a Soviet submarine torpedoed the battleship “Tirpitz”

Attack Lunin is still one of the most controversial topics of the great Patriotic war. In July 1942, Nikolai Lunin, as commander of the submarine K-21, reported a hit of two torpedoes into the German battleship “Tirpitz”. These results then had no boat. Here are just some modern historians believe that the shells caused the enemy ship no harm.

Attack “Tirpitz”

according to Alexander Chernyshev, author of the book “Heroic ships of the great Patriotic war” Soviet submarine K-21 commanded by Nikolai Lunin took up a position off the coast of Northern Norway 28 June 1942. 5 Jul acoustic the boats heard the noise of the screws. When raising the periscope, 17 hours and 12 minutes was seen by the destroyer, and the masts of large ships. Lunin realized that he had discovered the battleship “Tirpitz”, the German squadron. In 18 hours 1 minute submarine released 4 torpedoes from the aft apparatus.

After this, according to Alexander Sick, the author of the book “Accursed questions” the great Patriotic K-21 quickly plunged into the depths. That is why none of the team members did not see the results of the attack. But Soviet sailors clearly heard two explosions. Four days later the submarine returned to base. Lunin and his men were greeted as winners, as captain, if you believe Alexander Chernyshev, had to report the hit of two torpedoes at battleship “Tirpitz”. Such results were not achieved a single boat.

Version “against”

However, not all historians agree with this version of events. So, Valentin Pikul in his book “Requiem caravan PQ-17” reports that one of the first doubts about the heroism of the K-21 was expressed by the French Explorer Jean Claude. In 1957, Claude stated that the torpedo missed the battleship “Tirpitz” and allegedly heard by sailors explosions were only a figment of their imagination raging. The foreign press was even inclined to think that Nikolai Lunin in vain was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. However, in fact the captain got him again 3 months prior to attack “Tirpitz”.

Followed Claude to lean towards the fact that the German battleship left intact, steel and local historians. For example, Arseniy Malakhov, author of “the Battleships “Bismarck” and “Tirpitz”,” confidently claims that the torpedo attack Lunin no result had. According to Malakhov, 18 hours and 16 minutes German squadron was discovered by IL-4 from the Northern fleet. Moreover, at about this time with the battleship was established by the British submarine “Ansan”.

Version “for”

Contrary to the opinion of Alexander Chernyshev, cited above, Patients Alexander writes that Nikolai Lunin never reported to the base on the entry of torpedoes into the enemy ship. Lunin just radioed about meeting with Nazi squadron about the attack. In spreading false information, according to Patients, was the fault of the staff headquarters of the Northern fleet, which (though not without some reason) made a conclusion that one of the German destroyers as a result of the actions of the crew of K-21 sank, and the Tirpitz was seriously damaged.

as grounds for such conclusions by the officers were used including intelligence. The fact that, as the authors of the publication “Covert and overt. The collapse of the Nazi plans for world domination”, A. P. Krivoruchko and V. T. Roshchupkin, after the attack on the “Tirpitz” changed course and returned to base, and after a long time stood on the repair. The same position is shared by the interlocutors and the authors of the publication “I fought in the marine corps” (editor A. Klimov). According to them, Lunin still hit “Tirpitz”, as the Nazi ship was put in order only by the end of the war.

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