Why the American pilot shot down a Soviet passenger plane in 1953

Another 26/12/19 Why the American pilot shot down a Soviet passenger plane in 1953

the Sky over the Soviet Union has always attracted those wishing to tickle your nerves and to test the combat readiness of the defense forces. Many violent clashes between the Soviets and the United States of America in the years of the cold war, when 99% of conflicts occurred on the territory of our country or close to its borders. According to the publication U.S. News & World Report, starting from 1950 until the early 1970’s, the us military fired 20 000 spy missions along the borders of the USSR and the PRC. That was done with spy planes, and even drifting balloons operating in automatic mode.

Command and the pilots in case of violation of the borders of the Soviet Union has acted quickly and decisively. As a result of the incident, were shot down or forced to land on Soviet territory on 22 spy plane and 1 helicopter “Chinook”. But the Americans acted arrogantly, shooting down our planes. It happened that near our borders, Americans are hit by even passenger planes.


on 23 July 1953 the armistice was signed in the war between North and South Korea.

on this day, our passenger Il-12 flew from Port Arthur to Vladivostok, but to achieve the goal, he was not destined. His route crossed paths of two American pilots in the US Ralph Parr and Edwin Scuffy.

the attack on the unarmed aircraft was manufactured on the territory of China. During a call pilot Ralph Parr shot in cold blood the plane, which lit up the engines. The SLUDGE exploded, the crew and passengers died.

the Fact that the incident took place, the United States acknowledged on 1 August 1953. The Soviet government tried to plead with the Americans in the Hague, however, when talking about the dead Russian, international laws on human rights somehow no longer apply. The Soviet Union put forward the US government sued for 1 860 000$, but the court have not accepted the claim.

And this despite the fact that experts from the UN was taken at the crash site of the plane that crashed on a plateau between the villages of Dunhua and Huadian, three hundred kilometers from the border with Korea. Local farmers confirmed that the day of the disaster saw the American planes F-86 “sabre”, which is someone waiting in the air.

Later, American pilot Ralph Parr rather cynical words about the incident: “Too much of a fuss from some lousy Il-12!”

Many of the details of this conflict are still unknown, but in 1997, in mass media there was information that the U.S. pilots were sent to shoot down a completely different Il-12, on Board of which was supposed to be the entire command structure of the Navy of the USSR Liaotung Peninsula together with Marshal Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky. On this day in Port Arthur hosted a conference of Communists of the naval base, after which the officers were supposed to fly to Vladivostok.

three days later, Soviet pilots took vengeance for the fallen comrades, “ukokoshim” American reconnaissance aircraft RB-50 near the island of Askold. The exchange was not completely equal, but still…


the Internet and then found the information about the second plane, but details of the incident are unknown. It is only said that in 1952 the pilots of the United States over Soviet territory was shot down by a IL-14, which flew military families. But first, the IL-14 was commissioned only in 1954, and secondly, the details of the story no, that puts it into question.

In the sky it was hot

But even without this alleged incident in the sky over the borders of the Soviet Union was hot.

a Massive conflict in the air began in 1950. For example, in Vladivostok the night was intercepted by a spy plane P2V. The US pilots clashed with the link of the Soviet interceptors and one MiG-15 was shot down.

And in October of the same year has been absolutely unprecedented – two American bomber, the F-80 nerecicle the border of the Soviet Union and made an attack on the military airfield “Dry river” not far from the capital of Primorye.

the American bombs were damaged eight aircraft, “king Cobra”, one of which recovery was no longer subject to. Fortunately, the human victims were not. I must admit that the US government still apologized for this incident and the pilots were put on trial.

In July 1964 two hundred kilometers from Japan, contact was lost with heavy military aircraft Tu-16P. The pilot reported to the command that he sees a U.S. military plane, after which the connection is terminated. In may 1968, the same plane crashed in the Norwegian sea. Before impact, the pilot reported that he saw a US aircraft carrier “Essex” and over it – at least four fighters. In August of 1976 along the coastline of Norway has disappeared from the radar of the Tu-95RTS. It is known that the bomber tried to intercept the Phantoms, one of which touched the wing of the tail of the missile.

all in All, the sky over the Soviet Union occurred 42 air incident, most of them 21 cases — occurred in the 1950-ies.

the excesses of the US pilots in the skies of the Soviet Union ended only after the air force received an interceptor with a ceiling height of 20 kilometers – With-75 and su-9, and a little later the famous MiG-31.

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