Heroes 18/12/19 “Red Susanin”: Altai farmer killed 700 bloggerati

according to archive data, Altai peasant Fedor Gulyaev repeated the feat of Ivan Susanin in 63 years. For this he was awarded a personal meeting with Vladimir Lenin.

the Whites killed his son

the Status of inhabitant of the Altai village Rasskaziha (it is 254 km away from Novosibirsk) Fedor Gulyaev publicists and writers define differently – in the Novosibirsk branch of the Communist party talking about him as a peasant, the Soviet writer Sergei Alekseev collection of short stories “Heroic names” calls Gulyaev as a Forester.
Newspaper “Altayskaya Niva”, telling about the history of the feat of this old man, wrote that Kolchak in his native village Rasskaziha killed the son Gulyaeva, and the father, head of the white in boggy small timber, thus avenged. In 2014, about the atrocities of the whites told reporters the information portal “Altai truth” and the oldest native of this village 101-year-old Aug Varnakova, who knew the Fedor Gulyaev – in the words of the old woman, the whites closed the peasants in houses and burned alive.
In the third volume of the “Soviet military encyclopedia” mentions that Fedor Gulyaev was guerrilla coherent fifth mountain-steppe division of the red Army. However, the fact that “Susanin” feat 19 August 1919 and subsequent informing on the whereabouts of Kolchak was in his biography, apparently the only one – at least no more messages about episodes of participation Gulyaev in the Civil war in the official documents no.

As he did

“Altai Niva” wrote that in late summer, the detachment of Kolchak population of about 700 people occupied the village Rasskazy (shadrinskiy parish Barnaul district), the whites had engaged in reprisals against the local population and looting. The guerrillas, arguing that the forces are unequal, retreated into the forest, 63-letniy Fedor Gulyaev also went to a forest Zaimka who were in the woods far away from dof the village. Kolchak, defeating Rasskazhu, wanted to get to the Tape, where the guerrillas was the headquarters, but did not know the road. In the village they found Fyodor Gulyaev, who agreed to spend.
On the supposedly shortest path, which led Altai Susanin whites were Sorgue (small impenetrable forest in the swamp). Gulyaev, unlike his famous predecessor, managed to escape from Kolchak’s squad and get to the Tape. He reported his actions to the commander of the guerrilla unit. As recalled Aug Varnakova, the majority of whites died in the swamp, and the rest killed bobrovskie partisans, when the remnants of the white squad came to the village.

What and who it was awarded

According to the “Soviet military encyclopedia” in 1922 by order of the revolutionary military Council Fedor Gulyaev was awarded the order of red banner. Novosibirsk CPRF supplements that Vladimir Lenin gave him the sword with the silver clock. In addition, to the name Gulyaev added Susanin. So Altai peasant began Gulyaev-Susanin. He met in the Kremlin and the famous red army commander Semyon Budyonny.
Aug Varnakova added: Lenin gave Gulyaev more money on construction in Rasskazik school (it was built and named after him). And when his grandfather arrived from Moscow, set the table for the poor of the village, all generously treated, told how he met with Lenin and Budyonny.

After making his feat Gulyaev-Susanin lived another 10 years and died in 1929. The wooden school building, which was built thanks to the help Gulyaev (on the school hangs a plaque about the famous countryman), in Rasskazik on the street Gulyaev-Susanin (street Gulyaev is in Bobrovka) is still intact. But the school itself at the beginning of zero was closed, the children in it have not learn. Twice, about 30 years ago and in 2008, local historians have tried to identify gulyaevskogo-Susanin path that he started Kolchak in the swamp, special milestones. But from the track layout in the end left one character. No one of his contemporaries really knows, and where the order of the red banner with a sword countryman-“the guide”. In any case, the Altai journalists to find traces of them failed.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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