Why Stalin banned for showing a film with Nude Soviet actress

History 11/01/20 Why Stalin banned for showing a film with Nude Soviet actress

the Actress Elena Maximova known mainly for his roles of mothers and women. There are at least fifty movies, where she played the caretaker, the collective farm Chairman, the supervisor or chef… Role can be very large, but always very colourful and memorable. The impression that his career Maksimova started after the war – in adulthood. But this is not so. But the road to the life of the young actress gave Stalin himself.

Stalin and the “Ukrainian trilogy”

Directed by Alexander Dovzhenko was one of the first Soviet Directors. He started to remove even in those years when cinema was silent. His so-called “Ukrainian trilogy” has been recognized as a masterpiece of silent cinema, not only in the USSR but also in the West. That’s just the last part of the epic film “Earth” 1930 – a domestic audience could not see.

As told by Artem Sergeev in his “Conversations about Stalin”, at that time the decision on the issue one way or another the movie was made personally by Stalin, good movies quite a bit, and check out each “leader of Nations” had both the ability and the desire. A movie he loved. In 30-ies in the country during collectivization, Dovzhenko and waited for Patriotic cinema, devoted to this topic. The Director decided to make a philosophical parable, a drama, in which he spoke about collectivization, but in a slightly different way. And what he saw Stalin not very much.

“Shoot it often”

the plot in a small Ukrainian village, a young man, a revolutionary, Vasil, plow all plots, as a collective, and private, are in fact destroying the boundary between “their” and “General”. This leads to irreversible consequences and the dramatic events not only in the specific village, but all over the world. In addition, the “Land” was attended by the hit in Soviet cinema could in principle be – Nude. Your body in the picture it showed Elena Maximova, who played the fiancee of the main character.

By today’s standards those “forbidden” footage look quite modest. But in the USSR the naked girl, smashing icon of the house, on hearing of the death of the groom, was overkill. Therefore, the picture of Stalin banned, but the nudity is clearly interested in. As said Sergei plachinda in his biographical novel “the Sower”, the leader allegedly asked the Director, what girl starred in the film. And having received an answer, noted the talent Maximova and advised “to remove it often.”

Large and small movie roles.

don’t listen to the opinion of the leader of the people was impossible. Yes, and the talent of the young actress was obvious. Almost immediately she received the first big role – Darya in the silent film 1930 “the Quiet don”. By the way, in a more famous film of Sergei Gerasimov 1958, Helen also played, but more than usual for the role of a middle-aged woman, the mother Mishka. In total for years of life the actress starred in more than 80 films and “served” to Soviet cinema for almost 60 years.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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