Another 11/01/20 “New American order”: how the United States wanted to build the Soviet Union after the victory

During the whole period of the Soviet-American confrontation in the United States was composed of about 10 plans for a future war with the Soviet Union. Most often they had an unofficial status and was developed by different agencies – the Pentagon, the CIA, the Council on foreign relations. However, in the “Dropshot”, composed in 1949, the American analysts have paid attention not only to war with the Soviet Union, but also the arrangement of defeated Russia.

Balance of power

the Plan “dropshot” was developed with the election of Harry Truman for a second term and declassified in 1978. The document consisted of 700 pages, most of which today is not published. According to the assumptions of American analysts, the conflict was to begin January 1, 1957. It was assumed that the US side will make all the NATO States and the British Commonwealth countries, except India and Pakistan.

it was Expected that the Soviet Union will support Communist States in Eastern and Central Europe, Albania, Korea, Mongolia and China. Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Scandinavia and the Arab world will be neutral, but be ready to join US.

the Destruction of Soviet cities

In paragraph No14 recorded: “Nuclear weapons will be used by both parties. Other types of weapons of mass destruction (radiological, biological and chemical weapons) can be used by any party for the reasons of retaliation and effectiveness.”

the territory of the USSR it was planned to lose 300 nuclear warheads and 250 thousand conventional bombs. 25 nuclear warheads was planned to bring down to Moscow, 22 in Leningrad, 10 in Sverdlovsk, 8 – Kiev. Just under attack were 100 cities, which would lead to the destruction of 85% of the country’s industry. In the nuclear bombing had killed 60 million Soviet citizens.

After a nuclear exchange, from the West to the attack on the USSR planned extension of the 114th division, NATO. On the black sea coast have landed from another 50 divisions. In the defeat of communism involved 8 million soldiers and sailors of the Western countries. To maintain order on Soviet territory was planned to involve an occupational body numbering 1 million soldiers and officers.

New order

the American plans for the reconstruction of post-war USSR was no different from the Nazi projects. The country was supposed to be divided into occupation zones, the Western Russia, the Caucasus and Ukraine, Western Siberia and Turkestan, Eastern Siberia, Transbaikalia and Primorye. After 20-30 years of these territorial associations was planned to make a Confederation under external control of the United States, which excluded any Association of Russia in the future. The conquered territories were transformed into agrarian and raw material appendages. The urban share of the population employed in the food and manufacturing industry, were not to exceed 15%.

For administrative management at the level of village councils and district councils was planned to involve political prisoners of the Gulag, the kulaks and their families, national minorities, soldiers of the underground anti-Soviet groups in Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Caucasus. Management tip of the “new Soviet Union” was to consist of immigrants who fled to the West.

In Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States, the Caucasus and Central Asia was planned to return the “government in exile”, whose representatives occupy senior positions. Management dissected to pieces by Russia was to provide the members of the exile of the people’s labour Union and the “Munich of the Committee”, uniting the former Vlasov and the old emigres.

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