Why Lenin called himself Vladimir Ivanovich

History 24/01/20 Why Lenin called himself Vladimir Ivanovich

In Soviet times, many nuances of the origin of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin suppressed. For example, the official biography did not mention that in the veins of Soviet leader tech Jewish, and Kalmyk blood, though the relatives of Lenin did not see anything incriminating. The ban was imposed on another topic — that the real father of Vladimir Ulyanov could not be the husband of his mother.

Lenin’s Mother, Maria Aleksandrovna Blank, she married Ilya Ulyanov in 1863. She had every reason to believe your marriage “unequal” — her father, a physician, was promoted to the rank of court counselor giving the right to hereditary nobility, while the husband came from a family of Astrakhan tailor, yesterday’s peasant. The relationship between the spouses is complicated and permanent employment Ulyanov, who worked as an inspector of public schools and often were traveling to the provincial schools. People who knew him said he was not interested in the family and almost did not participate in the upbringing of their children.

Over time, an important person in the life of Maria Ulyanova was the family doctor Ivan Pokrovsky. It was a bachelor, came often to visit Ulyanov, and even then who lived a long time in their house. That Pokrovsky was closely associated with the Ulyanov family, said the fact that he with them, moved from Penza to Simbirsk in the year before the birth of Vladimir Ilyich. Part of historians suggests that it should be considered the real father of Lenin. In favor of this version says the family photograph, which next to Maria Alexandrovna sitting is not her husband, and Basil. The article of the historian Akim Arutyunov is evidence of Simbirsk of a dermatologist, who knew the Ulyanov family in the late nineteenth century:

“Roman Maria Alexandrovna with doctor Ivan Pokrovsky, was for many years a constant theme for our lovers postacith, though the city was no doubt that they are lovers. They were often seen together during walks. They did not try to hide.”

According to Natalia, Ilya knowledgeable about the relationship of his wife with the intercession and lived in his own house as “guest”, died prematurely due to mental experiences.

the Attitude of Vladimir Ulyanov to Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov other than “cool” will not be called. Inspector of public schools died when his son was 16 years old, but in his letters to Lenin, never, even occasionally on father remembers. This silence is particularly striking, since Vladimir Ilyich regularly wrote about many of his relatives and friends, and far. Mother Lenin mentioned in his epistolary heritage of more than 200 times. In 1917, arrived in Russia from a long exile, the leader of the RSDLP(b) visited his mother’s grave, but the cemetery to the father did not go.

perhaps Lenin knew that his real father was Ivan Pokrovsky, therefore, in the years of study were asked to name itself, Vladimir Ivanovich. The diploma of St. Petersburg University in 1892 externally the bearer of the document is recorded as “Ivanov, Vladimir Ulyanov”. However, then someone hand-corrected “Ivanov” with “Iljin” or “Lenin” — graphological examination showed that the handwriting did not belong to Lenin — most likely, the recording was made after the revolution by the staff of the Lenin Museum.

However, to Ivan Pokrovsky “the most humane people” warm feelings experienced. Simbirskiy doctor died in 1922, when Lenin was already at the pinnacle of power. In the last years of life of the elderly Pokrovsky was blind, he was terribly miserable. But the help from Vladimir “Ivanovich” don’t wait — the fate of the “family friend” Lenin was not interested.

Opponents of the version of the illegitimate birth of a revolutionary Ulyanov led the argument about resemblance — Lenin really was like Ilya Nikolaevich had similar problems with the vegetation on the head. If you agree with this, it can be PRto apologice that being in the secret of infidelity in the Ulyanov family, Lenin fully sided with the mother and struck the theme of the “father” of his life, preferring simply not to think about Ilya Nikolaevich, nor intercession.

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