Why Hitler did not use chemical weapons during the Second world

History 22/02/20 Why Hitler did not use chemical weapons during the Second world

In fact, in the Soviet Union chemical weapons during the great Patriotic war was not used at all, and both sides of military conflict. Although preparations for its use were active in the Third Reich and the red army.

Baggy pouches and metal cylinders

every soldier in the red army during the Great Patriotic war under the Charter had to be in gear gas bag with a gas mask. However, this requirement is not widely implemented, especially in the first days of the war. The Nazis also had to have a similar piece of equipment. And archival photos we can tell that’s what they did: they wore masks in ribbed cylindrical metal containers fixed on the waist belt of his uniform.

As the Germans were going to use chemical weapons

In late January 1942, the chief of rasledovanie of the General staff of the red army General A. Panfilov received information from his agent in Geneva that the Germans produced large quantities of toxic chemicals (mustard gas, phosgene and diphosgene). This was immediately reported to Stalin, as well as the relocation of the German chemical troops in the districts of Bryansk and Belgorod.
Judging by the reports, the Germans were actively preparing for the gas attack.
Stalin wrote to Churchill that Germany intends to use on the Eastern front chemical warfare agents. In response, on 21 March 1942 the British Prime Minister had informed Moscow: in the UK many gas bombs which can be dumped on Germany, and the British will not fail to do it if necessary as a counterweight to similar action by the Third Reich against the red army. Churchill duplicated its serious warning, and on the radio. After that, Hitler refused to use chemical weapons.

again, Churchill threatened Hitler

CPUstn the summer of 1943, the situation in the Eastern theatre of war completely changed in favor of the red army. Trying to take revenge, Nazi Germany tried to use chemical weapons. In the East, began to concentrate echelons with missiles and bombs loaded with toxic substances. Partisan intelligence reported that compounds with similar goods arrive at the station near Mogilev, and Bobruisk and Borisov.

In Moscow understood that the chemical attack as a year ago, can prevent the pressure from the allies. But first had to convince the international community that Germany is going to use chemical warfare agents, despite the ban on the International Convention in 1925.

Soon the hard evidence of the intentions of the Reichswehr was mined on the territory of Belarus. In early June 1943, the station Ash (near Bobruisk) guerrillas derailed a Nazi train. In one of the cars was discovered cylinders with an inscription indicating that the tanks is a toxic substance. One of the tanks immediately sent by plane to Moscow. Later, the partisans reported that in Bobruisk arrived in the German chemical engineering battalion. After a few weeks of the guerrilla fighters of a special squad of “Fighting” found in the Maladzyechna district storage tanks, on which was a depiction of the skull and the blue line – the Nazi symbol of toxic substances. The German plans to use toxic substances was confirmed by the prisoner, the translator 634-th punitive battalion. The intelligence Department of the Western front in parallel received the appropriate word from the guerrillas: “In the village of Borisov district 8 brought metal containers with a capacity of 30-40 litres of liquid toxic substance; all soldiers issued with gas masks. In each company of the German divisions is the separation of the chemists, is equipped with special protective suits. Classes”.

In total the forces of the guerrilla intelligence on the territory of Belarus was found 12 warehouses with chemical munitions. In the end, Stalin had every reason to warn the allies about the intentions of the Third Reich to produce himataki.

the United Kingdom after receiving reliable information from the Soviet Union once again has publicly promised to fill German cities with mustard gas if the Wehrmacht used chemical gases on the Eastern front. The Germans refused again. Never again resumed attempts to use chemical weapons anywhere.

the Fact that the Germans in the great Patriotic war was actually going to use toxic substances, is proved by modern discoveries. In 1979 the German warehouse of toxic substances found in Baranovichi.Header

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