Kvyat: compared to last year, we have made some progress

the Russian pilot of a command “Formulas-1” Alfa Tauri Daniil Kvyat commented on the team’s preparation for the upcoming start of the new season. At the moment, the team runs tests on the racetrack, “Barcelona-Catalonia”.

“Today’s test was not enough, because we worked only half a day, but productive and make the best use, admits Daniel, who was quoted Спорт24.Ru. We need to analyze and work before the next tests”.

“We are still improving the car. However, like all other teams. The initial feeling is – we have made some progress in comparison with what it was last year.”

we will Remind that as a result of Friday’s test drive Kvyat showed the fifth result. Recall that the new season of “Formula 1” will start March 15, stage in Australia, which will take place at the circuit “albert Park”.