Another 10/01/20 Why “Fritz” was fixed on the helmet mesh in the Great Patriotic

In many movies and documentaries about the war, and on the pictures you can see soldiers helmets which are covered with rope netting. The answer to the question, why it is needed, is obvious: to disguise. But why mesh?


Rope mesh, which the soldiers wore helmets, were necessary for masking. According to Yuri Mukhin in his book “When will NATO bomb Russia?”, smooth helmets reflect the sun’s rays, thereby giving their owners the enemy. Mesh significantly reduced the likelihood of glare, and therefore contributed to a more effective combat mission.

the author of the book “Uniforms of the red Army. Insignia, uniforms and equipment of the land forces of the red Army and NKVD troops 1936-1945 gg” Pavel Lipatov claims that “helmets covered rare rope mesh” even during the fighting on Khalkhin -. However, Yury Mukhin is confident that Soviet soldiers until the end of the great Patriotic war, the nets, unlike the Germans, did not use.

Masking of the face

anyway scrim for steel helmets (Stalhelmtarnnetz) was introduced as a subject of uniforms of German soldiers by special order dated 10 August 1942. It is reported Victor Shunkov, and other authors of the book “Awards, insignia and uniforms of the great Patriotic war”. Mesh, woven from brown or green cord, a square shape, with square cells. They were mounted on helmets with the help of special hooks. It is noteworthy that rules governing the carrying of those nets, according to shunkova, provided that its front part will hang down over the face of the soldier in order for his disguise.

For branches and herbs

of Course, enjoyed the soldiers and conventional camo covers for helmets. However, rope mesh was still more convenient. The fact that under the net (about this in particular says and Pavel Lipatov) soldiers cut branches, leaves, grass and other natural material, which provides optimal concealment. While, for example, around the circumference of the same German cases described in the book of Viktor Shunkov, was tabbed 5-7 loops, also designed specifically for attaching twigs and tufts of grass.

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