Why Chikatilo did not want to arrest

Crime 25/11/19 Why Chikatilo didn’t want to arrest

the Rostov regional court found A. R. Chikatilo, convicted of 52 murders (the victims were all children of both sexes aged 6 years or younger girls). Made them a maniac in the period 1978-1990 years Considering that the offender was not a performer and acted in the region town of Shakhty, near Rostov-na-Donu, we have to wonder: how could he so long to be free and to create this nightmare? In fact, it just could not catch.

Chikatilo in 1973 and later was not seen again in connection with the harassment to minors (was working as a teacher in a boarding school), which in itself could attract paedophile attention when the killings began.

Already the first murder (then killed a girl 9 years old) in 1978, there was indirect evidence, who placed Chikatilo under suspicion. Witnesses saw the man, takes the girl (and even accurately described the appearance) and found traces of blood on the snow near the house Chikatilo, where the murder took place. Prosecutors then claimed that the blood belonged to the animal, but somehow “lost” expertise on the matter and could not confirm his words. Chikatilo was questioned only as a witness, and the main suspect was another who lived in the Mines of the people (because I made this before and had already served). He was forced to plead guilty and later executed.

By that time, as a result in 1983 even understand that dealing with a serial killer, the perpetrator has killed at least 12 women and children. As investigators realized that all of this is done mentally ill, it drew attention to the relevant institution including orphanage graduates, which was a lot of deviants and petty criminals. Among them, quickly found the suspects – 6 graduates Pervomaisky orphanage, who had no alibi, and under the pressure of the investigation gave ppriznatelna testimony in the murder. Fortunately, the Prosecutor of the RSFSR in 1984 he understood that the investigation deals with the wrong people and put “case” in the end, freeing them. And how you could continue it, if despite the suspects to the detention center, the killing of children continue!

Then, in 1984, the result was a very detailed portrait of Chikatilo – he caught the eye of several witnesses who saw him with the boy, was found dead a few days. Was marked by a special signs of a killer shabby portfolio and, most importantly, glasses with broken frames on elastic (such then was the elderly). Soon he was again seen in connection with another murder, and witnesses named the same signs. Law enforcement officials only had to catch this criminal that he was identified.

Police began to patrol train stations, parks and the spot – the place where Chikatilo usually found victims, and soon almost was not caught. September 5, 1984, the police noticed a strange man at the bus stop at the Rostov airport which never went away, and spoke with women and then left, then again came to a stop. On 12 September he again found adhering to the women in the bus and detained. Found on the knife. His appearance is fully consistent with the way witnesses described the murderer of children.

To confirm this, investigators have assigned a forensic examination. Analyzed: blood group Chikatilo was II, and the offender IV. The discrepancy is easily explained. Blood found before that on the left traces of sperm killer. About 85% of people saliva, and other secretions contain antibodies that indicate the blood group, that is the same as in the blood. Chikatilo refers to the remaining 15% that show a discrepancy of antibodies in blood and secretions. Forensic physicians just didn’t think about it, even though it was widely known in their profession fact. In addition, the investigators showed no available witnesses photos (those are probably the factGDSs identified him), relying on the results of forensics. And these errors had a terrible price. Maniac was released.

Horrific massacres continued until 1990. Immediately after another brutal crime in the forest near the railway Chikatilo out of the woods and went to the side of the platform. There he saw the police officer: it was strange that not similar to the summer visitor a man in a suit comes out of the thicket. Coming closer, the officer noticed the dirt on the bag and a fresh scratch on his ear, checked his documents, recorded all data and reported to the authorities. After a few days in the woods found a corpse of the last victim of the killer, Chikatilo was arrested. 12 years after the first murder, a bloody monster was finally caught.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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