Elfriede Huth: the only accomplice of the Nazis, which was deported from the United States

Biography 27/12/19 Elfriede Huth: the only accomplice of the Nazis, which was deported from USA

After the Second World war and the Nuremberg trials many of the executioners of the SS escaped punishment. Among fugitive of justice — the warden of a female concentration camp Elfriede Huth, who settled in the United States.


About the past the bloody guards of the concentration camps is little known. Elfriede was born in 1922. Then, 22 years later, being still quite young, she joined the ranks of the SS. Until the end of the war, Elfriede served in the “ravensbrück”.

the concentration Camp was located 90 kilometers from the capital of the Third Reich. Initially there as free labor were brought Germans “disgracing the nation”. In 1939, the ranks of the prisoners joined the Austrian Gypsy.

With each step the Nazi army to the East, the camp was enlarged. Even before the attack on the Soviet Union, the number of prisoners of the concentration camp reached 4.5 thousand By 1943, this figure had reached nearly 11 thousand in the camp of hundreds took the unfortunate inhabitants of the occupied territories from Paris to the Crimea. In the “Encyclopedia of the Holocaust,” former prisoner “Ravensbruck”, Blanca Rothschild, describes his first minutes at the death camp In ravensbrück” was waiting for us a living hell. We chose all the clothes. Forced us to undergo a medical examination, and it was… even the word “ashamed” does not fit here, because the people who conducted it, was not anything human. They were worse than animals.”

In less than six years since the establishment of the concentration camps until the liberation of Germany through the bloody millstones “Ravensbruck” it has been more than 150 thousand people. Two-thirds, nearly 100 thousand prisoners came out from behind the barbed wire of the concentration camp alive. Prisoners died from starvation, disease and hard labor, many were burned alive in a crematorium or were killed in the gas chambers. Over a hundred women put weird medical experiments.

over the years “Ravensbrück” served 546 female Warders. Many of these executioners in skirts were executed or sentenced to long prison terms. Asadovym but some still managed to escape justice.

Emigration and deportation

it is Unknown how Elfriede Huth managed to avoid the Nuremberg trials. His past she carefully hid more than half a century — about the terrible biography, elfride did not even know her husband. Married it was for Fred William Ringelem — a Jew who survived the Holocaust. Conspiracy Elfriede Huth worked flawlessly — American media wrote that the former warden even my husband and I visited the synagogue.

In 1959, the wife applied for a US visa, until the end of his days, Rinkel he lived with his wife in California. There, near San Francisco, he is buried. In the Los Angeles Times reported that next to the last refuge of Rinkes was purchased by the burial place and Elfriede. And even, according to the newspaper, installed one headstone topped with a star of David. After her husband’s death Elfriede lived mostly on welfare. According to some, “retirement” of the former esacove was about $20 thousand a year.

But Elfride hoot of Rinkel was not destined to end his days, live under the Californian sun and to rest beside her husband. After an investigation that lasted more than half a century, the U.S. government deported war criminal. She became the first and, by some accounts, the last woman who was denied residence in the territory of States due to the complicity of the Nazi regime and involvement in the death of thousands of people. In 2006, Elfriede went back to Germany at the age of 84 years old — blind in one eye due to diabetes and suffering from arthritis. Its further fate is unknown.

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