Where in fact disappeared in a Golden helmet Macedonian

History 28/12/19 Where in fact disappeared Golden helmet Macedonian

I’m Sure many remember the heroes of a Comedy of Alexander Gray, “Gentlemen of fortune” was looking for the helmet of Alexander the great. According to the character of the film, Professor Maltsev, the helmet was lost by the commander during the Indian campaign. However, this historical truth in the picture and is limited to: the fact that the legendary horned helmet archaeologists never found.

the History of the helmet

According to Mikhail Eliseev, author of “the great Alexander the Great. The burden of power”, in the East the king of Macedonia was referred to as Iskander or two horns. The name Alexander the great received thanks to his horned helmet. However, according to Elisha, there is nothing surprising in the helmet is great, at least for that era was not. A similar helmet was worn by the king of Epirus — Pyrrhus, confirmation of which can be found in Plutarch. Wore helmet with horns and the other Macedonian ruler Philip V, and this fact is recorded in the “History of Rome” by Livy.

in General, the appearance of the horns on the helmet of Alexander the great is explained quite simply. According to the Village Boris, author of “Ancient Greece”, the people of Egypt, suffering from Persian rule, Macedonian considered a true liberator, but because the priests did not hesitate to declare him son of God Amon. As you know, one of the sacred animals of Amun was the RAM. It RAM horns Alexander and decided to decorate his helmet. The horns in this case should be seen as a symbol of God’s chosen people, and therefore power, military prowess and a kind of magical power.

Indian campaign

in connection with the latter circumstance helmet decorated with curled RAM horns, were used not for its intended purpose, and as a kind of talisman. Alexander the great often, going Hiking, generally left a Golden headdress at home in order to protect the homeland in the absencethe part of the ruler. Here and in the famous Indian campaign of Iskander helmet is not captured. If you believe the publication of the “Ancient world” (scientific consultant – candidate of historical Sciences L. L. Kafanov), many soldiers reluctantly went to India: by the time they’re seven years have not seen their native villages.

my Instincts were soldiers of Macedonia. According to Anatoly Tomilin, the author of the book “Generals and conquerors”, the Indian campaign was not only last, but also one of the most severe and debilitating in the career of Alexander the great. Not only that, the army had to storm the passes of the Hindu Kush, so even local people, accustomed to robbery, caused the Macedonians endless trouble.

the fate of hats

Realizing that without the help of magic here can not do, basilevs ordered several soldiers to bring from home a horned Golden helmet. “Couriers” safely to Macedonia and took a helmet, which, however, Alexander has already missed. According to Vaclav Michalski, author of “Adam – the first man” in the mountains of the North Caucasus, the envoys met with the robbers, who took possession of the helmet. The bandits were caught and tortured, but the location of the cache where they hid headdress and was not given. This information is unknown to the modern archaeologists.

as for “relics”, which played “the role” of the helmet of Alexander the great in the Comedy of Alexander Gray, “Gentlemen of fortune”, it is, of course, does not represent a historical value. Moreover, this prop was made from an ordinary fire helmets. To the helmet of the master of the Studio just attached the horns, and then painted in Golden color. However, cine helmet too long could not find. In the end he found in the attic in a pile of trash. Today “artifact” stored in the exposition of “Mosfilm”, and anyone can take a look at him.

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