The strangest entertainment Dembele in the Soviet army

Crime 02/11/19 The strangest entertainment Dembele in the Soviet army

the Army is a separate world where everything is not as “citizen”. Be specific, and the relationship of people and their way of life, and humor. Many details of army life causes the average person confusion and surprise.

because of the peculiarities of a closed society, where cultivated a strict hierarchy, brute force, discipline and ustavshiy, there is a very peculiar entertainment and jokes. Some of them have civilian humans can cause genuine misunderstanding and even shock.

For example, a common entertainment was a joke called “gas attack” — sleeping to the nose tray open box of tooth powder.

Sociologists and S. A. Belanovsky S. N. After the book “Bullying in the army” talked about how fun type coercion “grandfather”, “young”, that under the beds “ride the subway”, even then, was regarded as a willful violation and led to the sending of a “grandfather” in a disciplinary battalion. A similar method to mock is called driving soldiers have to crawl under the beds, screaming, imitating the sounds of the car and “bibika”. Another option is “driving”: a person “rides” astride the chair around the bed, dodging the blows with a belt that imitates the danger of the road.

Another manifestation of hazing, called “dance of youth”, can be called a funny joke: a newly designed soldiers dress up in sheets and dance around those who are soon time to “demobilization”. Soldier can also get “to hold the ceiling” (to pretend that holding) or to engage in “dimension” of the room with a matchbox (it is length of only 5 cm).

There are other “entertainment”: “elephant” called torture by suffocation with a gas mask on the victim pulled the gas mask and its hose is fastened. “Fazanai” are beaten with a belt buckle on baremu body. “TV” they call unfortunate, being forced to stand in the half squat and keep at arm’s length stool. “Punching plywood” and “punch moose.” The first means of a punch in the chest (usually they beat “grandfathers” “salabon”, punishing for disobedience), and the second – a blow to the head, however, the victim must cross the hands and put them on his forehead, so that the impact didn’t leave a mark. The result hands are shaped like moose antlers. Moreover, both parties to this action know what it’s about.

Such “rituals” are an integral part of army life and how the rookie carries them, demonstrates his endurance and character. The man who, in response to the shock begins to smile as if nothing had happened, thereby proving that he is “not goof” and worthy of respect “grandfathers”, which at the time subjected to a similar test.

These seemingly cruel jokes are educational and practical significance – helping you to manage the men’s team, to teach the recalcitrant young conscripts to the discipline and obedience, teach them to understand military hierarchy and their place in it.

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