Transporting a vehicle saves a lot of stress, whether a new online purchase or moving a classic car. Before committing to a service, you want to research to ensure your auto is handled by a qualified and credentialed carrier who appreciates the need to offer only the best client support.

Exceptional shipping companies in New York will be transparent with their details by reviewing the agreement thoroughly with the customer for a full understanding. That includes the auto transport protocol, the insurance policies, and the fees and charges.

It’s important to ask questions or address concerns before signing the contract to make sure everyone is on the same page. You’ll want to request to see credentials, including licensing and insurance, plus speak with the driver who will be hauling the car.

Let’s review a few questions you’ll want to consider asking when consulting with a car shipping service.

Questions and Concerns to Address with a Car Shipping Service in New York

When shipping a car, whether an online purchase from New York or sending a classic car out of Manhattan, it’s vital to find the most reputable car shipping service to handle what is a valuable asset.

An exceptional auto transport company will prioritize client support. The carrier understands the concerns that come with relenting responsibility to a stranger for a considerable investment.

A trustworthy, qualified shipper will address those concerns and any questions by reviewing the contract thoroughly and transparently. The company should explain the business practices, review fees and charges, and discuss insurance.

Find the ultimate guide to NYC auto transport at and then follow here for some questions that should be a priority when consulting.

·Find out if the carrier is licensed and insured

The car shipping service should have the credentials to transport cars in New York. All companies that offer auto transport must have US Department of Transportation registration. This can be confirmed with the DOT number. With this number, you can look at safety reports and other details.

This will offer peace of mind when the documentation confirms excellent information for the carrier. You’ll know your car is in good hands.

·Learn the rates

Paying for car shipping services can be a considerable investment, depending on the options you choose and based on the carrier you select. It’s important that the auto transport company be upfront with their fees and charges while going over the contract.

It’s wise to reach out to auto transport companies for quotes directly. While you want to stick within a specific budget, it’s wise to avoid trying to find “cheap” services. This might mean sacrificing quality. It’s better to go with a higher price to ensure your car is well cared for.

·Will you get a free estimate with no obligation

Many car shipping services advertise on their websites a free estimate with no obligation. If the carrier doesn’t offer this, it’s wise to move on to a different provider. This promotion is a common method for auto transport companies to attract new customers.

Typically, it’s a short postcard sort of form to fill out with no personal details, just a request for an estimate, which only takes a couple of seconds. Potential clients can then decide whether to follow through with that carrier or move on to another business.

It’s recommended that customers check with a few shippers before committing to one in order to get the most competitive rates. Go here for things to know about car shipping in New York.

·Find out why the carrier feels they’re the best

There are countless car shipping services in the New York area to pick from. Each is unique, with its own advantages and downsides. A reputable, trusted company will confidently be able to explain why it outshines the competition in the area.

The objective is to work with a carrier successfully delivering cars promptly and safely. A reputation for doing so will be backed up by a solid following of happy customers. You’ll find reviews with authoritative resources and feedback on the company’s social networks.

A quality shipper will respond to comments on social sites, especially if there are complaints, in an effort to resolve the issue for unsatisfied clients.

Final Thought

When car shipping in Manhattan for the first time, you want to find out what the protocol is and how the process works from drop off to delivery, step by step. A client support associate should be able to tell you what to expect and let you know what you need to do to prepare.

You’ll want to get this information after receiving the quotes and knowing which company you’ll use. While each carrier will likely have a comparable protocol, there could be slight differences from one to the other. It’s important to know what to do from the shipper who will ultimately be hauling your car.

If you don’t want to get your quotes from the website but instead talk with someone to get more detailed information, call or chat with an associate.