There’s speculation that many millennials and older members of Gen Z prefer to remain single for the rest of their lives. The main argument for this is the fact today’s socio-political environment has made it less ideal for future generations.

With the effects of climate change now intensifying and rising discontentment brought on by rising prices, rearing a child has been pushed far below everyone’s list of priorities. However, fear shouldn’t be the only determiner of whether you should have children or not.

The choice is yours, but if you do want to raise children in such an uncertain climate as this, knowing how to deal with modern-day dilemmas should help you pull through. In this case, your focus is to secure your child’s future no matter how difficult the times get. Here’s how:

Diversify your investments

Today’s economic challenges will push you to find additional income streams. Many young couples find themselves working multiple jobs just to afford the lifestyle they want, but this would less likely lead to a secure financial future. You can only do so much with the 24 hours you have for work, so rather than chasing side hustles, you should allow your money to grow through secure investment vehicles.

Stocks and bonds are a good start, but putting all your chips on them won’t prepare you for potential economic shocks. Mix it up by adding precious metals and rental properties in emerging markets like Tampa and Atlanta. The more asset classes you have in your portfolio, the less risk you’re exposed to. You also get to rake in more profits you can use for raising a healthy family.

Move into a good school district

Quality education is as important as picking a home you think is right for your growing family. Your kids’ potential for academic and, later, professional excellence will be determined by the kind of learning environment they attend. If you’re choosing your first home, pick one that’s located near quality public schools.

By quality, test scores shouldn’t be the only factor. You should also consider what alumni and their parents have to say. It also helps if you get a good look at the campus and see if the culture is right for your child.

Start saving for higher education

Education is your biggest priority as a parent. When they step out of high school, they will enter the costlier world of post-secondary education. The tuition isn’t your only problem. You will also need to provide your child with housing and allowances for books, food, and gas. No matter which college or university your child has picked, make sure you will have enough in the bank to support their choice.

It comes down to choosing the best financing options. In the United States, parents could opt to open a 529 Plan. Canadian parents, on the other hand, could ask ‘what is an RESP and how it can help them invest in quality post-secondary education. Making wise money decisions could help your child secure a degree that will kickstart their career.

It’s true that things aren’t looking good for the new generation, but it shouldn’t cause you to hold back in raising a family. Overcoming uncertainty is still possible so long as you know your way around the most difficult problems you’re facing.