What heroism captured by the Uzbeks in the camp of death

History 20/01/20 of What heroism captured by the Uzbeks in the camp of death “Amersfoort”

27 Sep 1941 in a German concentration camp Amersfoort in the Netherlands, were delivered hundreds of Uzbeks, the red army captured Smolensk. Goebbels planned to use Asians for propaganda purposes and on their background to show the superiority of the Aryan race, but he miscalculated. His worthy behaviour Uzbeks surprised the Nazis and did not become a puppet in the hands of the enemy.

Captured by the Uzbeks in the Netherlands

At the end of September 1941 in the camp of “Amersfoort” drove 101 prisoner of the Uzbeks, which has created such conditions that horrified even the Nazis. The eyewitness was a resident of Amersfoort, Hank Brasseuse, who recalled: “Dressed in rags, they don’t even look like soldiers… the Nazis led them down main street, flaunting, from the station to the camp. They were weak and small, their feet were wrapped in old rags. Some of them could hardly stand on his feet, they supported walking with the comrades…”.

Brasseuse claimed that the locals tried to give the prisoners food and water, but the German guards were forbidden to do it. One of the prisoners of the camp, Alex de Leeuw, wrote that the guards were trying to bring the Uzbeks to a bestial state. All autumn they were kept outside and were given half the camp rations. The prisoners were called subhuman and severely beaten for the slightest offense. When one of the prisoners shared with Uzbek food, in punishment of the entire camp for a few days deprived of food.

disrupted shooting

the story of the prisoner by the Uzbeks, the world learned thanks to the Director of the Netherlands Foundation for “Soviet field of glory” REMCO the Reyding. The researcher found out that the prisoners, among which, besides Uzbeks, were Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and Bashkirs, specially brought to exhaustion. By order of the Minister of propaganda Goebbels arrived at the camp crew, towhich was to remove as exhausted by hunger “savage Asians” will fight for food. The purpose of the story was to show what the Soviet Union barbarians and how they behave unworthy. Under the camera lenses one of the guards threw the prisoner a loaf of bread, but the massacre did not happen.

Even in such inhuman conditions, the Uzbeks have not forgotten their ancient traditions and refused to lose your dignity. One of the young captured soldiers approached the bread and lifted him from the ground. The Uzbeks sat in a circle and the eldest began to break the loaf, and his comrades along the chain passed small pieces to each other. Fighting for food did not happen and the promoters left the camp, and the conditions of detention of the Uzbeks became even more terrible.

Died holding hands

remko Reyding says that one day the guards beat several prisoners for what they ate potato peels, intended for pigs. Winter of 1941 survived only 77 prisoners, who in the spring of 1942 were taken to the neighboring camp of the woods and shot. Reyding, Recalling postwar memories of the guards, writes that during the execution of the Uzbeks, holding hands, looking his death in the face. In may 1945, the camp burned documents. Historians managed to find out only two names — Kadyrov huts and Muratov Zaire.

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