Why the Soviet Union wanted to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon

History 20/01/20 Why the Soviet Union wanted to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon

According to Oliver stone and Peter Kuznik, the authors of the book “the Untold history of the United States” in the late 1950-ies America was going to blow up the moon, atomic bomb, equal in power of Hiroshima. At the same time, similar work was carried out in the Soviet Union. Domestic designers even made the station layout, is more similar to marine mine. However, project E-3 was minimized at the initiative of its own Creator.

Why was this necessary?

As a rule, barely reaching the lunar surface, a Soviet spacecraft was invariably destroyed. This is why domestic scientists have long puzzled over how to prove to other countries that our plants were really on Earth, not just ceased to function. Moreover, that space station was so small that to record them falling on the moon could no astronomer, were on the Ground. According to Anton Pervushin in the book “the battle for the moon”, for the solution of this problem in 1957 and came from a physicist Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich.

the Researchers realized that in order to drop a vehicle on the moon could be observed from our planet, you must fill it with explosives. One of the first such option was offered by the American Robert Goddard and the German Willy Ley. However, Yakov Zeldovich assured everyone that such an explosion would still be difficult to see from Earth. Quite another matter – the atomic bomb. Sviatoslav Slavin, the author of the book “Secrets of the military space”, argues that nuclear explosion on the moon would be visible even to the naked eye. And then the whole world would be convinced that the USSR was “ahead of the rest”.

work on the project E-3

of Course, this project, called E-3, found many opponents. Despite this, the transportation of nuclear bombs to the moon, Soviet specialists were preparing seriously. If you believe the publication “Travel.out moments to the moon”, the staff of OKB-1 even managed to make a model of the future station. Externally it resembled a sea mine, as in literally was studded rods of fuses. The failure was impossible to avoid, so the bomb was supposed to explode upon touching any of its sides with the lunar surface.

But if the layout of the station among the project participants differences not caused, the process of implementation of the mission remained unclear. So, Mstislav Keldysh, the ideologist of the Soviet space program, told his colleagues that he does not want to inform the world community about the upcoming atomic explosion on the moon. Keldysh was convinced that other countries simply “do not understand” the Soviet Union. But without notice “competitors” explosion on the satellite became useless, because in this case it would be no one saw.

cancellation of the program

In the project E-3 there were many other difficulties. For example, as rightly said Paul Shubin in his book “the Moon. History, people, technology”, for the successful implementation of this experiment it was necessary to exclude even the slightest slip in the launch, on Board of which was supposed to be an atomic bomb. Otherwise, the station could simply fall to the Ground. No one dared to predict in what point of a planet could cater to the projectile. If it occurred on the territory of the same state, it is unlikely the American government would believe that the atomic bomb turned out to have an accident. At least an international scandal could not be avoided.

Yakov Zeldovich knew it, so in the end, and turned his own project. Subsequently, the E-3 called the safe program, thanks to which the Soviet experts planned to obtain more clear photos of the back side of the moon, than those that could make the station “Luna-3” in October 1959. Approval of Sviatoslav Slavin, in April 1960, scientists have made 2 attempts to launch spacecraft designed for photography satellite of the Earth, but they both failed. Many supporters of the old “atomic”, project E-3 then surely breathed a sigh of relief, because at these stations could be a deadly bomb.

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