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History 18/01/20 Valentina Istomina: what was the last “civil wife” Stalin

In recent years, in journalism and in fiction, in documentary and feature film way past sister-mistress of Joseph Stalin served in a romantic way – allegedly Valentina Istomin (Baccina) was the last love of the leader. But is it really?

From podvaliti to Mistress

Candidates of historical Sciences Valentin zhilyayev and Olga Kaykova, based on the personal data of the staff of Joseph Stalin, give information about biography of Valentina Istomina. A native of the Oryol village Ulyanovka Barbara Baccina (in marriage Istomin) was born in 1915 (according to the nephew of Jbuccini-Istomin, Boris, 7 November 1917; this date is then picked up and disseminated by many historians), her education – 5 classes.

an interesting dilemma associated with the name of Bickini. According to official documents, it passes as a barbarian. Historian, Advisor to the rector of Moscow state pedagogical University Yevgeny Spitsyn, in an interview with “Literaturnaya Gazeta” in opposition to other researchers biographies housekeeper Stalin also points out that this is her real name. However, Svetlana Alliluyeva, Vyacheslav Molotov, and many other people who personally knew the “last woman chief”, called the matron Valentina, Valya. If she changed name or Istomin began to call Valentina for euphony, is unknown.

In Moscow Jbuccini arrived at the age of 16, worked in the capital’s factories. When she was 21 years old, enrolled in courses of the waitress of the society “Dynamo”. Details of how Barbara (Valentine) came in 1936, a waitress in gosupravlenie NKVD, no. According to one version, the girl noticed and really went to bat for her head of security of Stalin, Nikolai Vlasik. In the service sector of the top party apparatus of the USSR Istomin has worked a total of 23 years, from 1936 to 1959. Of them most of the time worked, making the life of the homeperson of the country. And staff, and representatives of the “inner circle” leader was called the matron Valentina Istomin just the Hostess.

Who was her husband?

About the “official” personal life of the sister of the mistress of Stalin and of his wife Valentina, Ivan Istomin, know even less than you about working life alleged mistress of the leader. With the words of the nephew of Valentina Istomina, Boris Baccina, (he told about it in interview to the journalist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”), Ivan Istomin fought back with great Patriotic Colonel, had many awards. Of their children the couple never had, they took care of nephew of Valentina.

Backin said Ivan Istomin after the war he worked in the special Department, at the funeral home. Other details of the life and work of his uncle Bickin not reported (supposedly forgotten). He just said that in material terms Istomina at the time were very good – in addition to the comfortable apartments have a dacha in the Moscow suburb of Elektrougli, the car “Zaporozhets”, the house always had plenty. According to his official biography, in 1959 Valentine of 44 years was dismissed from the staff of hotblog the 9th Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, before the end of his days (he died in late 1995) received a substantial personal pension and never worked anywhere else.

That they were associated with the leader?

rumors of a secret communication of the leader with the housekeeper persistently issued for the real facts with the filing of a number of historians, both Russian and Western. Valentina Istomina, even in the family circle never anything about work, Stalin didn’t. English historian Simon Jonathan Sebag-Montefiore in his study of “the court of the red monarch: the Story of the ascent of Stalin to power” says that the “secret wife” of the Secretary General Valentina Istomina began in the late 30-ies (their arguments Englishman any facts does not substantiate, only writes that Stalin needed such a “simple and humble woman”). Russian writer and journalist Nikolai Dobryuha refers to personal conversations with the guards of the leader, who allegedly remarked, Istomina systematically slept in the bedroom of Stalin. Vyacheslav Molotov, his biographer Felix Chuev about the “special relationship” between Istomina and Stalin nothing definite said, but noted: “if the wife, who cares?”.

Stalin’s Daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva recalled Valentina Istomina fondly, wrote that the nearest environment of the leader loved her for her cheerful disposition. Svetlana called Istomin “the perfect woman for Stalin” – the external signs (Busty, clean, round-faced and snub-nosed) and nature (simplicity and plainness). About the intimate details of the relationship of father and servants Alliluyeva said nothing.

the Biographers Istomina emphasize the moment of her parting with Stalin, when Valentine accompanied the chief on his last journey. Grieving, crying, wailing at the tomb (this point is described in the memoirs of Svetlana Alliluyeva). Researchers of the life of the housekeeper of the Secretary General bring this episode as a fact confirming the existence of close relations between Stalin and Istomina.

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