Hans Rudel: what happened to the German pilot, destroyed 519 Soviet tanks

Biography 18/01/20 Hans Rudel: what happened to the German pilot, destroyed 519 Soviet tanks

One of the classic samples of Soviet propaganda is considered released in 1946, “the Story of a real man”, written on the basis of the real story of pilot Alexey Maresyev disabled. However, few people know that a similar story has occurred and on the other side of the front. One of those who flew without legs, was a famous pilot Luftwaffe Hans-Ulrich Rudel.

“the Best pilot “Pieces”

Rudel, the son of a village pastor from Silesia, from the beginning of the great Patriotic war ran the dive bomber Ju-87 “Thing”. In his task was the destruction of the land and naval equipment of Russian. Rudel scored near Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk and in many other battles, becoming the most successful bomber pilot. On account of his 2530 sorties and 519 tanks exploded. The number of awards of Hans-Ulrich Rudel surpassed the illustrious “experts” of the Luftwaffe, flew fighters. More famous Aviator, he was only the commander of the air force of the Third Reich Hermann Goering. “Dignity” Rudel appreciated in the red Army – according to some reports, the head of the pilot, the Soviet Union promised to pay 100 thousand rubles.

Loss of leg

the Fate of Rudel has changed dramatically at the end of the war. Unlike Maresyev, a German, wrote about all his experiences to himself. He wrote the book “Cracker tanks. A memoir of the best pilot “the Thing.”

on 9 February 1945, Rudel flew into the area to the North of Frankfurt-on-Oder to prevent Russian tanks to seize the bridgehead on the West Bank of the river. Despite heavy fire from anti-aircraft guns, the pilot managed to destroy 12 tanks “Joseph Stalin”. For the 13-th tank at Rudel there is only 1 projectile.

“And now I’m coming down from a height of 800 metres, was described by Rudel himself for the fatal moment. – Focus on the mission, throw itselfyears from side to side, here again the guns spit fire at me. Here I’m aligning the car… fire… tank flashes! <...>. I ascend up the spiral of… crack in the engine and suddenly the leg pierces the red-hot steel blade. I got black before my eyes, my breath catches. But I must continue the flight… flight… I must not lose consciousness. Grit your teeth, you have to overcome your weakness. Spasms of pain rolled over the body”.

eventually the plane still fell, but the Germans managed to bring the unconscious pilot from the battlefield. Woke up Rudel already on the operating table. The first thing he knew his right leg below the knee, doctors were forced to amputate.

Although Rudel knew that the war with Germany is not to win, at the end of March, he’s barely getting used to the prosthesis, once again sits at the helm of “Stuff.” By this time, the wound is still not healed until the end, and once at the pilot even started bleeding. The other leg Rudel also not well functioned after being wounded. Thus, the position of the German ACE was slightly better position maresiev, who lost both legs.

life after the war

In the 40-50-ies of Hans-Ulrich Rudel was one of the most active former Nazis. Its ideological credo has changed little. In his postwar books Rudel was criticized generals of the Wehrmacht for what they failed to realize the intentions of Hitler, whom he called “strategic genius” (the last time Rudel was meeting with Hitler in mid-April 1945). In 1948, a former military pilot, he settled in Argentina, where started a friendship with Juan Domingo Perón. Despite the disability, Rudel was backpacking, he even climbed the highest “peaks” of the Andes – mount Aconcagua. Its main activity consisted of helping our compatriots abroad. In 1952 Rudel founded the organization Kameradenwerke – a kind of “Fund” of German war criminals and sympathizers of immigrants. In the 1970-ies Rudel focused on commercial and Lobbistskogo activities, in particular, presenting in Latin America the interests of Siemens and Horst-Lehmayer. According to the help of the CIA, using the right influence on Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner (German origin), Rudel sought lucrative contracts for business Germany. Dead “German maresiev” in 1982 in Bavaria.

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