Ostend is During the well-attended supportersavond of the football team, K. V. Oostende, Wednesday, has taken place, it was the chairman, Frank Dierckens discuss in greater detail the financial condition of the club.“It’s not a secret, that is UNTIL the fresh money need to be in the future,” according to Dierckens. “And if the new investors will have me no longer as the president would like it, I’m gone and I will continue to be a supporter.”

The supportersavond, which was organised by the supporterskoepel Kustboys, and found a place to Ford, Unicars, which has been a sponsor of the club. With a 250-site fans, the event was fully booked. In the evening, talking to various players, and the athletic staff, and finally, the performance on the field the past few weeks. But it was especially looking forward to the conversation metclubvoorzitter Frank Dierckens, that more information be provided about the future of the club.

“The salaries of all the staff, and the players are paid,” said Dierckens. “But it’s not a secret, that is UNTIL the fresh money needs to come in the future, in the long-term risk. Whether it is a domestic or a foreign investor comes in? The odds are fifty-fifty, even though we’re less than a Belgian investor. In my position as president is not a breaking point. If new investors are to me not as a president, then I’m gone and I will continue to be a supporter. The clubbelang is definitely a priority.” Dierckens also pointed to some of the spelerscontracten at the end of this season, is due to expire, and also talked about cutbacks.

the Burden

the lease of the present main stand – which UNTIL each and every year, 1.2 million euros must be paid to the ex-chairman, Marc Coucke, and others. “The European city will be in the stands, not overkopen. But if we want to ease the burden, we, as a club, the stand may be purchased. It is important for both the licentiedossier as well as to potential investors, in order to be able to prove that the club is the owner of the other one. The talks are in a good mood, and I don’t think it will take a while before we have more news to announce.”

Dierckens also pointed out the merits of the general director, and Patrick Orlans. “UNTIL to today, with a budget of about 14 to 15 million euros. And that’s where Patrick is a very, very, very important role in that. Thanks to him the running of our business operation in full swing, take a look at the successful realisation of a construction, and hotel and catering exhibition at the club.”