Series, A story about the expressions of racism towards Mario for His side this past weekend at the field, Branch Veronais not uitverteld. The city of Verona wishes to Mario and His side are now up on charges for slander and libel. That the premier league Champions are at the race, being racist would be the way it is now, the city council has emphatically denied it. In the meantime, knows the club, however, she thinks he is the head of the Ultras of Hellas Verona has been suspended.

the Four members of the city council of the city of Verona introduced a motion in which they demand legal action against the premier league Champions are to be taken: “It is not fair that in Verona as it is in any way, if there is, as in the present case, nothing has been done.”

(Section of a) Stand-closed

Meanwhile, it has Hellas Verona, his punishment for the actions of its supporters.De disciplinary commission of Serie A, has decided that it is a part of the ‘Poltrone Est.’stands, of which the anti-sound came on for a contest needs to stay closed. It’s going to be a trade of just over 3,500 seats. The centre of Verona and offers a total capacity of 30,000 people.