According to the Houthis, they launched Zulfiqar missiles at Abu Dhabi and drones towards Dubai in the third attack against the U.S.-allied Gulf tourism hub and business.

DUBAI — Monday’s United Arab Emirates intercepted a missile fired from Yemen by the Iran-aligned Houthi Movement. The UAE hosted Isaac Herzog , the Israeli President, on his first visit to the country.

The Houthis military spokesperson stated that they have fired Zulfiqar missiles at Abu Dhabi, and drones at Dubai in the past two weeks.


According to the military spokesperson for the Houthis, they launched Zulfiqar missiles at Abu Dhabi as well as drones at Dubai in their third attack on the U.S.-allied Gulf businesses and tourism hub within the past two weeks.

He reminded residents and businesses to avoid “vital headquarters and facilities” in UAE. This country is known for being a safe haven and a popular destination for global tourism.

The attack, which came after a Jan. 17 strike at Abu Dhabi’s fuel depot that killed three people, was condemned by the United States. It is part of an escalation in the Yemen war between Houthis and a Saudi coalition which includes the UAE.

An Emirati senior official called the attacks “useless” and said they would be dealt to protect national security. Anwar Gargash, a senior Emirati official, stated in a tweet that “those who test the UAE are wrong.”

Some residents have experienced security anxiety due to the attacks, which has been rare in a country with many expatriates. They have not had an impact on daily life. Beaches and restaurants are packed during the mild winter season.

According to the UAE defense ministry, the missile was intercepted around midnight and fell on uninhabited territory. It didn’t say whether the missile was directed at Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

It happened while Israel’s President was in Abu Dhabi, where he discussed security issues and bilateral relationswith Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, stated in a tweet that “Israel’s president is visiting UAE to build bridges to promote stability across the region”, and that the Houthis are continuing to launch attacks to threaten civilians.

Herzog continued his visit to the Expo 2020 world fair in Dubai, insisting on his visit.

Herzog expressed hope that more countries would normalize relations to Israel, as did the UAE, which formed ties with Israel under U.S-brokered pacts dubbed “The Abraham Accords.”

The agreements have created a new security-defense cooperation axis between Israel, Sunni Muslim Gulf countries. It is based mainly upon shared concerns about Shi’ite Iran and its network of proxies as well as its ballistic missile programme.