Novosibirets Vladimir Purtov decided to test themselves on the coronavirus passed in the private medical labs and got three different results. One of them was positive. Later it turned out that it was a mistake — he was told someone else’s diagnosis. How come — versed correspondent NGS.

isolated themselves for two days

Vladimir Purtov decided to take the test for the coronavirus because of what is at risk — he has a chronic illness, plus the last few weeks, he began to cough heavily.

is the allergic Cough and sometimes occurs as a result of work. But I decided I’ll pass the test, still working with people. Decided to fulfill their civic duty. Performed called. Passed the test in TSNMT may 12. The next day comes the result “dubious”. And literally after 6-8 hours I call back from the clinic: “Your test showed a questionable result. This is not to say that you are sick with coronavirus, but all unreliable tests sent to the CPS,” says novosibirets.