The subscriber is unavailable, call useless how not to lose an expensive smartphone in the summer

Without a phone as a hands — today, with this statement I agree, perhaps, each. And if suddenly happens to state of emergency, and the smartphone breaks, it is difficult to imagine even how to agree on a regular meeting with friends, not to mention the more important calls and messages. It is therefore important to have in mind the service center where will quickly become an important gadget in feelings.

Hello! Service — a network of repair centers, which are already well known in the city. Here, perhaps, one of the best price:

for example, the cost of replacing the battery of the smartphone starts from 300 rubles.
cleaning of electronics in an ultrasonic bath — from 600 roubles;
replace the corrupted display — from 1 000 roubles;
replace the microphone of your smartphone — from 600 rubles.