With The NFL Championship 2020-21 set to hit full swing soon, fans are already beginning to wonder who might go all the way. It’s been a challenging year for us all, but the hopes for fans of some major teams in the NFC Championship should be looking for a little respite from the doom and gloom of day-to-day life at the moment.

Who, then, are seen as the favorites to go and win the full NFC Championship? Who should you be putting your money behind when sports betting in PA?

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are seen as a major contender for the Championship this year. They’ve endured some tough luck in recent seasons, especially when it comes down to the play-off rounds. However, they have one of the most impressive rosters in the NFC and could be a genuine contender if they can finally get some good luck to go their way. Definitely, the Saints are one of the favorites this year.

They have the variety, the consistency, and the depth in their team to go all the way in the NFC – and who knows, maybe even further?

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay is one of the most convincing teams thanks to the presence of Aaron Rodgers. We all know how important a quality QB is in a team, and they have one of the finest in the entire sport. The other additions of the likes of AJ Dillon and Devin Fun chess help to give the team even more confidence that they could make a real push for the title this year.

Taking the crown will be tough, but their impressive blend of offense and defense should make them an interesting prospect for sure.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another big favorite this year with a lot of fans is the Bucks. They are seen as an interesting team thanks to the inclusion of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, adding veterans, consistency, and nous to their team. The Bucks have come back from what was a pretty disastrous looking outlook for the future by making two major signings.

With an improved forward line, they have one of the most exciting forward lines in the entire conference this season.

Seattle Seahawks

While not an out-and-out favorite, the Seattle Seahawks definitely do have a better chance this year than they have in previous seasons. They look a good, well-rounded team. While they would probably find themselves behind some other conference giants, the improvements made to their roster means that the Seahawks are definitely a team to look into.

They are getting some quiet backing in the betting markets, too, showing that confidence in the team is coming from more than just Seattle.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have made some big moves this off-season, doing a lot to try and cover up for the loss that Todd Gurley used to bring to the team. With that in mind, Rams fans might be interested to see how the team rebounds from missing out on the play-offs in 2019. Intelligent free agency moves including the signing of Austin Blythe should go some way to solidifying their NFC Championship credibility.

They’ve made some big-name signings, but major moves include the re-signing of players like Michael Brockers and Andrew Whitworth. While Gurley is still a major loss, it will be the introduction of Malcolm Brown that could make all the difference to a team that might have the chance to surprise quite a few this year.