Took rifles and gadgets that Russian biathletes came to search while they slept

the Main theme of the day — the scandal at the world Championships. On Saturday at six o’clock in the morning the Italian police have searched the hotel of the Russian athletes. Went to Alexander Loginov and his coach Alexander Kasperovich. No charges impose, I say, this is a test.

the incident happened at about six in the morning on Saturday — just eight hours before the start of the relay at the world Cup in Italian Anterselva. Alexander Loginov, Evgeny Garanichev were still asleep when their room is entered by the police. There was no forced entry – the police carefully opened the door themselves. They took rifles, the men were asked to sit quietly. The first thing they were interested in was the personal belongings of Alexander Loginov.

Sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev said: “We understand why, precisely at six in the morning needed to conduct a search in Loginov. Alexander prepares to race. The police, naturally, he did not go, he runs the fourth leg of the race. Clearly, what mood are preparing women and men’s teams, everyone was awakened early. In General, the team is discouraged”.

No charges the police didn’t show — just took personal belongings Loginova in the first place, gadgets — computer and smartphone. The operation was performed on the basis of a request to the police from the International Federation biathlon — IBU. The theme is old: Alexander Loginov was once a doping case, he served his suspension and now everything is in order. But suspicions that history may repeat itself, the IBU left. The room Loginova was looking for not do illegal drugs, and a possible conversation about juicing with a personal trainer biathlete Alexander Kasperovich. Therefore, it was taken in the first place gadgets.

the Press attache of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy Alexey Fadeev said: “the Russian Embassy contacted the police of the city of Anterselva. Employee of the Consulate General in Milan is sent to the Russians to provide consular assistance, the disputetsenam. At the same time, the Russian Embassy demanded that the Italian foreign Ministry clarifications”.

Coach Alexander Kasperovich also got to him that the carabinieri also showed interest. A formal occasion for Him — a wrong accreditation. Coach Loginova it not Russian, but Ukrainian — made through old friends of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine, because the Russian quota it is not enough. Police and IBU I suspect that Kasperovich could engage in the supply of doping. It is likely that suspicion of him because of the Ukrainian accreditation could be the root cause of Saturday’s RAID.

the President of the Union of biathletes of Russia Vladimir Drachev said: “Police have conducted searches at 5.55 am in Loginov and Kasperovich. We are now in a police station compiled the inventory of seized items”.

At the world Championships at the Alexander Loginov is already two medals — gold in the sprint was perceived by many as a sensation. And then there was another bronze in the pursuit. It is unlikely that if it logins in Italy yet remained without medals — would happen Saturday incident. The President of the RBU Vladimir Drachev and coach Alexander Kasperovich went to the police station, logins stayed at the hotel — preparing for the relay.