The sports Ministry and foreign Ministry reacted to searches of the Russian biathletes in Italy

the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation has not yet received from the International biathlon Union (IBU), the official reply regarding the situation with the search of the biathlete of the Russian team Alexander Loginov at the world Cup in Italian Antholz, said the Minister of sports Oleg Matytsin.

“We were informed about the search, which was conducted by Italian police Alexander Loginov and his coach Alexander Kasperovich. We promptly contacted the IBU asked them to provide information about the incident. Unfortunately, the official information we have,” said Matytsin TV channel “Russia 24”.

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova also the TV channel “Russia 24” stated that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is working to protect Russian biathletes from psychological pressure in connection with searches in the hotel of the Russian national team at the world Championships in Italy.

“I would Like to note that our primary task which now confronts us is to return the sport to the sport, to protect athletes from psychological pressure. Of course, the legal issues are resolved, but most importantly to make sure that the athletes continued to participate in competitions,” she said.

Zakharov added that the foreign Ministry is cooperating with the Russian Ministry of sport on this issue. “I hope that soon everything will be solved” she said, wishing the athletes to maintain the vitality of the spirit.

In turn, the Russian Embassy in Italy sent a note to the foreign Ministry in connection with the searches of the Russian national team on biathlon, which demanded all measures to ensure proper conditions for the preparation and participation of Russian national team in international competitions in Italy.

Saturday’s incident at a hotel team Russia coach Anatoly Chovancek called planned action of the International biathlon Union (IBU) to demonize the Russian national whomAndes.

“Now you can again do anything to create around negative background. Yes, Kasperovich was not here for its accreditation, but that is no reason to write statements to the police. The French had the same story, but their man was just fined 500 Euro. Now the situation brought to the absurd,” said Chovancek.

a Member of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Dmitry Svishchev proposed a variant of the Russian athletes:

“it is Necessary to introduce the post of sports officer at our embassies in other countries, they would have defended the interests of our athletes and coaches in those countries. We have the cultural attache, military attache and sports no. Sports became an important political tool, there are provocations against the athletes,” said Svishchev RIA Novosti.

on Saturday, Italian police raided the hotel of the Russian team at the biathlon world Cup the IBU after treatment. As the head of the Russian biathlon Union (RBU) Vladimir Drachev, the appeal to law enforcement by international organizations due to the fact that a personal trainer Loginov Alexander Kasperovich is in the Russian team at the world Cup is not their accreditation.

on Saturday at the tournament the men’s relay, beginning at 16:45 Moscow time.