They need everything: products hits is dismantled in hypermarkets, the prices from 199 rubles

the Excitement with masks and antiseptics finally slept, and the city returned to normal life. So, time to think about what makes our summer walks and trips even more memorable and comfortable. Today, the popular hypermarket chain accessories Hello! told, without which the city’s residents can not imagine my life in the summer.

How to charge the phone, if there is no outlet

Olga, shopper: “Every summer we have a real rush to purchase external battery. Yes, I own them all the cool stuff. Threw in a bag and get a tan at least for the whole day, the phone can be recharged, the mother worried will not.”

External battery is a small gadget that will easily fit into any bag and if your phone or other electronic device is dead, and the outlets next to no vneshnik help out. Simply connect it to your device and charge. Prices for batteries in Hello! from 199 rubles.

Mini-column to a barbecue or to the country

Egor, Manager: “Mini speakers often take, especially young people. I myself parents to the country took. Connects easily and the sound powerful. To barbecues or just for a large crowd can take”.

Hello!, perhaps the largest selection of portable speaker systems in the city — more than 400 variants. From compact models to large, powerful options. Prices from 299 rubles.

What’s more useful in the summer?

Hello! a large selection of thermoses from 299 rubles.
There are water bottles, including a juicer.
Waterproof cases from 249 rubles.
Beach blankets and mattresses.

Hello! you can come shopping personally: all shops are in compliance with the necessary security measures, but you can still order on the website.