Pay loans no where: in Novosibirsk officially registered 45 thousand unemployed

a month and a half of output, the fall in oil prices and the ruble led to the fact that many of the city’s residents who lost their jobs or missed the lion’s share of revenues. According to the Ministry of labour and social development of the Novosibirsk region at the beginning of June 2020 in the region was 45.9 per thousand unemployed. The analysts found that on average, each economically active Russians increased their debt over the past year, 37 thousand rubles and needs to credit institutions the order of 227 thousand rubles. It is obvious that many Novosibirsk families faced a choice: to buy food or to pay the loan to the Bank.

In such a situation and the Kuznetsovs. Her husband Adam works in a chain of Shoe stores, head of marketing Department. After the closure of shopping centres turnover fell by more than 80%, and staff salaries cut in half. Wife Alla for five years sitting in the decree: the couple have two children grow up, the youngest just two years old.

In April, it became clear that paying a few credits why not: spending and so reduced to the maximum, but the rent, the food and the diapers barely covered the pay cut. Alla decided to look for a part-time job on the Internet and came across discussions of people who were in the same difficult situation. It turned out that those who can not pay the loan, has the right to file for bankruptcy and get out of debt. In the reviews advised to contact the lawyers of the company “advanced protection”, which help to create a strategy and debt relief.

When his wife shared their findings with Alex, he began to ask friends if they have heard about bankruptcy. It turned out that one of the friends of the family have been declared bankrupt, and in this he was helped both times the staff of “Modern security”. The last doubts have disappeared, and the couple contacted the company.