Royalty-free Morning, on the 25th of October, will celebrate crown princess Elizabeth for her 18th birthday. Ever since she was born, she was trained to be king, Phil (59) to do so. But, in addition, there is an even more important task on her young shoulders. It should be in the dynasty, and that of the Coburgs continue in the future. But who could it be? Hi there was looking for any of the participants.

Once married to heirs of members of other royal families, the ties between the two countries to catch up. “For the partners, it was a marriage, not infrequently a calvarietocht that will never end,” says royaltyspecialist Jan Van den Berghe (77). “Because the divorce rate at that time is out of the question, there were erafspraken made deschone to keep up appearances. Thankfully, those days are over.”

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it’s a bit of a long time. So, king Philip was there as a child many years ago that his parents, Albert, (85), and Good (82) that each have their own thing going.Albert had left his wife and two boys, with baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps (78), and their daughter, Delphine (51), while the Good of the one and the other her lover fluttered. Under the guidance of the straight-vorstenpaarBoudewijn, and Fabiola was there to negotiate eenmogelijke a divorce, but the terms and conditions that Summer on were so brutal – Sybille would never have contact with the opportunity to talk with Albert’s ‘official’ children, Philippe, Astrid, and (57), and Laurent (56), that Albert and Paola samenbleven.


“to be Honest, I was expecting that, He is like a second Summer would be drawing,” says to: Jan Van den Berghe. “But compared to his uncle’s face as he and Some are more open to the world. We are entitled to expect that his children will give to their spouse to be to choose from. If he and Elizabeth kept on a lead had been trying to explain, she would not now be in Welsh education.”

“I’m guessing that it was about eight years old it can take a while before you have a fiance in the picture will be placed,” adds Van den Berghe continues. Most of the royaltywatchers believe that He and Matilda shared that, ” at the heart of Elisabeth, will give a talk, but know that it is a controlefreak as the queen and Some of her best, and to that meisjeshart as much as possible for us.“The choice of Elisabeth’s writing in an international eliteschool, it is certainly not surprising,” said Van den Berghe. “The man to whom she is married, must be intelligent, but he needs to look good as well as a good house of it.”

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