Multimedia toptoestellen among the smartphones often cost 500 euros or more, with the well-known peaks are above 1000 euro. Makes no sense to have to spend so much money? Take a look at the mid-range models on the market: smartphones, which are much less expensive.

Who is the smartphone market is a bit of a following, you know that the largest brands (Apple, Samsung, and Huawei) are continuous and the last trying to stand out with their new models. The screens are slightly better cameras, more frequent and better internal hardware, a faster… and The price is there for: to high-end models from the big brands will pay you today for at least € 500, – for the Pro and Plus versions of the diesmartphones around $ 1,000.

To mid –

it’s No surprise that top end flagship phones ” (flagships) is called. They have a whole fleet of other machines from the same manufacturer on the market. That will work for the most part with the same technology and have a wider range of prices on offer.

the mid-range or mid range compared to the devices that are under 500 euros hang out. You will pay less, but you also have to compromise in terms of hardware and features.

Tip: :Watch the best mid-range smartphones at € 500.

What do you want to save money?

for example, If you are interested in middenklassesmartphones, do you want to achieve the best out of exactly where you want to go beknibbelen.De high speed SoC (System-on-a-Chip, and is the modern name for the main processor in a smartphone), it is not always necessary. Maybe you don’t need a camera on top of the class, but you still want to have a nice screen?

The samsung Galaxy A50(€ 264) is considered to be a great midranger. It has a great screen with a resolution of 2340 at 1080 pixels and a good battery (with a battery of 4,000 milliamps). However, the three cameras at the back or just one is enough. In the finish, the A50 is a perfect example of what you would expect from a mid-range smartphone review: its bark feels a lot less luxurious on.Check out the Samsung Galaxy 50.

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